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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have a vw lupo which is leaking through the passenger door. We've took the door cards off and poured water down the window and there's a lot of water coming through but we've changed the window seal and it's still doing the same. We are at a loss. Please help
  2. Hi I was wondering if I could ask for your help in my problem i went to buy a part at TPS and it was discontinued in February 2018. See photo for info mine had a hole in and has chemical metal holding the oil in. Would I find this on any other gearbox thanks in advance
  3. Hi there! Just got my first Lupo (1.4, 16v, black, open air) a couple of months back, and I love it to pieces. Aside from wanting to find other lupo owners that love their cars as much as I do, I'm also looking for some advice. The open air roof leaks something chronic, and even though I've pulled the whole thing out and stuck sealant under the roof panel, it's still letting water in Can anybody either - 1.) Give me advice on how you've DIY fixed this yourself? 2.) Direct me to someone currently breaking an open air/selling a secondhand roof OR 3.) have an idea of any businesses that might be able to redo the roof? Preferably at a non extortionate price, being a student doesn't allow much in terms of funds Hope this is all allowed! Thanks in advance for any help <3
  4. I recently bought my second lupo and had driven it for half an hour when I went to park it in the drive way it started to smoke from the bonnet and when it moved there was no power steering and it has emptied all over the road, I've had the pipes removed and there doesn't appear to be a leak ???? Any suggestions or any similar problems
  5. As we all know the GTI spoiler is a bad design and allows water in which then causes paint blistering... What is the best way to seal it all back up? Light - The OEM gaskets obviously fail and I dont believe they can be bought individually as no part number is on ETKA... I purchased a BMW E36 gasket to see if that would work but isn't the best of fits... What could I replace it with? Clear silicone? Foam Tape? The light does need to be able to come apart down the road again... Spoiler - As standard there is foam tape, Should this just be replaced or is there a better substitute? again silicone of some sort?
  6. Hi I have just bought a Lupo E 2002 with the sunroof that rolls all the way back. I discovered the other day I have water seeping through soaking the whole of the back of the top of the roof! Can anyone suggest ways of fixing it or what the course of this could be. Is it just the drainage pipes need cleaning out or do I need a whole new seal? If so can anyone recommend me any brands or places to buy? many thanks
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