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Found 12 results

  1. Problem with xenons So drivers side xenon is not working some cable was cut I've put them back together but still not working When i turn lights on it flickers and tries to turn on and goes off there is power going through the wires that was cut so that part is fine Main light doesn't work (red circle) But the bottom light is working (green circle) So if the ballast/igniter is dead could the bottom work but the top wouldn't? I haven't swapped over the bulb, is it a definite bumper off job? Thank you
  2. Front passenger wing GTi colour not important must be rot free and ideally not modified
  3. Front hub, not sure which models lupo it fits as it was supplied incorrectly. I know it doesn't fit a tdi sport. Straight with good bearing, has abs mounting point and caliper bolt holes appear to be m7 threaded? £20 Birmingham
  4. Can the speaker and plastic adapter/ring be split or are they as a whole? Thanks!
  5. Hi, my first car is a 1 litre Seat Arosa Mk2 in red, 02 reg with 110000 on the clock. I've been wondering how I can make it look better without throwing loads of money at it. Any ideas? Also I want a front grille centre piece without the S badge, any ideas where I will get one? Cheers.
  6. After searching long and hard for information about this i have found surprisingly little, so here it is - Front fogs how to. Depending on what car you have this list will vary slightly. This how to was based on a Mk1 Arosa Item list Mk2 Arosa specific: Fog light grill left - 6H0853665BFog light grill right - 6H0853666B2 Pull interior light switch - 6H0941531EMk1 Arosa specific: Front bumper lower valance - 6H0805903A2 Pull interior light switch - 6K2941531TLupo specific: Front bumper lower valance - 6H0805903A 2 Pull interior light switch - 1C0941531A(The lower bumper is interchangeable be
  7. Ok, so I want to replace the standard front door speakers on my 1.4 Lupo and I have a few questions.... 1. What size speakers can I fit in there? 2. Can anyone suggest some speakers from experience? 3. How difficult are they to replace? Thanks from Lewis
  8. Camber bolts... yes or no? Contemplating them as my front wheels rub on my arches over bumps and on full lock so I was just thinking of whacking a bit of negative on them to tuck them in. Anyone got front bolts? and have you had any problems or troubles with them? Also been looking at shims for my rears to get about -2. Any advice or suggestions wecome
  9. Alright guys, I've done some searching and couldn't really come up with anything useful. Tomorrow i'm going to attempt to fit a new bumper to the car and I have no clue on how to remove the current one that is on the car, I'm going in blind. I would appreciate any tips / information on how to tackle it, where to start and where the screws and clips are located etc... I apologise if there is a blindingly obvious thread for this already Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new here but have had my Lupo for over a year now. I have many Ideas but little funds at the moment but was interested in changing the front end out I've seen a few different things around some as ridiculous as the A3 aftermarket part I was looking at the 3L front end as i like the lights and grille but i prefere the bottom to the GTi. Does anyone know if the two combine together straight of they need some work to get them to fit to each other and then to my 99' 1.7 SDi Also any ideas on part prices that have been heard to pay before of any best places to source parts. (I know Ebay is
  11. Hi! Does anyone have a decent o/s/f gti wing, preferably in reflex silver, but I'd take any colour if you have one? Thanks Martin
  12. i have the original lupo speakers, and they have a weird clip onto them also there not put in with normal screws, how could i remove them? also i am looking to put speakers in the back where the lupo sport would have them and i would like to know where about have people put the wireing as i can wire but not wanting to take chances?
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