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Found 16 results

  1. Make: VW Model: Lupo Sport Tdi MOT: Ran out Nov 2018 Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: So this car is a do up project, currently SORNed and out of MOT. Exhaust needs sorting, currently has no back box on it due to it falling off. Age related rust issues. Electric windows are temperamental but I've been told it's an easy sort for someone who knows what they are doing. They work when you long press the key but not using the button inside the car. The bonnet catch has been taken off but bonnet still accessible just need to pull the wire. Battery is flat as it hasn't been used since November but had a friend hook up a battery to check the engine 2 days ago and it runs fine still Full service history included.This car will be a great project for someone or a cheap runner for someone starting out. Inbox me any questions. I only got rid of it because I have no idea how to make a car work again and couldn't afford the time or the money. I want it to go to someone who will do it up and give it a new life! Location: Keadby, just outside of Scunthorpe. Images: Price: £450
  2. Yalch

    Lupo 1.7 SDI Yellow

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI Yellow Clean 9 Months MOT no advisories 1.7 Diesel 100,000 Miles Good runner. New brakes all round New clutch put in 2000 miles ago. Rough paintwork as bump strips were previously removed and not very well.. Was my wives car, used for popping into town and no longer need it. SOLD ONO
  3. Lupo_Belle

    Welsh Lass After Stats

    Afternoon All New to the site and not actually a Lupo nor Arosa owner yet but am currently looking, aiming to pick one up before the end of May, hazar! So yes hello, I'm South Wales based although I travel for work so may some of y'all on the road. If any of y'all have a yearly running cost of the 1.4 TDI Sports trim (Lupo) or the standard Arosa diesel that would be great, just going of guesstimates right now but want something more concrete before I purchase
  4. 2002 VW Lupo 1.7 SDI black for sale with 147k miles good runner with 5 months MOT left also taxed so ready to drive away. Had a second hand gearbox along with a new clutch on Feb 2016 that had done 71k miles. Cambelt and timing belt changed on Dec 2015 last serviced sept 2015. Fuel filter and air filter changed in summer bought oil filter but haven't had time to change the oil. 4 alloy R15 wheels came with car not to everyone's taste. Good tread on all tires except right front passenger which was a remould (see pic) runs well and is a reliable workhorse. Fixed heater which didn't work when I got the car (only worked on no4 but now all works) passenger window doesn't work possibly dodgy motor or window runners haven't had time to sort it out. Central locking works 90% of the time. Also had some respraying to cover up car park scrapes on passenger wings it's not pretty but covers it up. Open to offers looking for £900.
  5. Me_julie

    Broken Gearbox?

    Hey, I've got a 1.7 sdi Diesel lupo 2000 plate. Recently the reverse gear just refuses to work, all the other gears are perfectly fine, I can pop the reverse into gear and it'll shift back a few inches then either jump out or make a horrible crunching noise, I've taken it to a mechanic and by force he can reverse it back normally but the car sounds terrible because you can hear it wanting to push the reverse gear out. My mechanic as quoted me £1500 for a new gearbox! Or I have to find a second hand one, all in all inc labour I'm looking at around £800 and there's no guarantee the gearbox will work as its second hand... i went to a local mechanic and told them my problem and they said it sounds like a broken reverse linkage? Never heard of something like that but inc labour it's £150..if that's the case. I'm going to book my car in but I'm worried they'll cause more issues then I have, love my lupo but it's a 2000 plate and I don't really want to spend almost 2k on a gearbox. does it sound broken? Or a link breakage? Am I being ripped off? Sorry for such the long post but it's becoming impossible to drive the car without reversing, I have to roll out of my drive -__-. Any advice would be great! thanks!
  6. riskydiscodan

    VW Polo 1.4TDi, GTi, 9n3, £30 Tax

    Make:VW Model: Polo (9n3) MOT: Aug 2016 TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: Very cheap reliable car, done over 11K miles to and from work Alloy wheels with good tyres - one is brand new Air conditioning is ice cold Electric windows and electric heated mirrors Driver, Passenger and Seat Air bags The interior is in great condition, the exterior has the usual wear with a couple of normal car park dents (one on each side) VW service history until 2011 then independent afterwards. Last service at 88,650 miles which included new pads/shoes and discs, as well as wheel cylinders. The brakes have had a total over hall. Drives very well, had the wheel alignment and tracking done when I got it - need to for the miles I do. Comes with 2 keys, both central locking fobs for the alarm system. The car is a cat d, it had a cracked front bumper (paint was intact) and a broken tab on a headlight from the bumper moving when I got it, I was surprised that it hadn't been fixed as it looked like a parking mishap. I had the bumper, bumper bar and front panel replaced to make sure it was totally fixed and reliable as I can't afford to not have a car for work. Rather than replace like for like I requested the updated GTI front end and lights which I think makes the car look newer and more appealing. The only other thing to mention is that the clutch release bearing sometimes chirps in 1st gear, its always done it and never got worse. I've asked 2 different garages to check it wasn't the clutch and both said the clutch was good, it never slips and it drives perfectly. Location: Ashford, Kent Images: Price: £2595
  7. Arosa Write Up Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI S 2001 I have for sale my beloved mk2 1.4 Tdi, I used this car to commute to work but have changed jobs and can walk to work. It will easily return 60mpg+. As a car enthusiast I love to enhance cars and have spent a lot of time and money to make this car fast, economical and yet look as standard as possible. All parts have been replaced with either original or OEM and I have all the documentation. Mature driver and always driven with mechanical sympathy. Dblock is my brother so you know the car has been treated well. It has all the usual mods. 100bhp remap which makes it faster and more economical. The 0.622 5th gear mod which does 70mph at 2krpm. This means super quiet and efficient cruising. The mod cost £300. All the normal wear and tear items have been done like the stat, temp sensor and suspension work and a clutch. So the car is good to go. Engine is sweet and is serviced every 6000 miles (half the interval) using the proper PD 505.01 spec oil. Gear box oil is also proper VAG stuff. Coolant is G12++. The car has been treated very very well. I bet you can’t find a car on sale that has been treated as well as this one. We have 2 Arosa Tdi’s in the house so we know these cars well. Please have a look at the ad on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/seat-arosa-tdi-14-30-road-tax-60mpg-1-year-mot-fsh-like-lupo-turbo-diesel-just-serviced/1124637582 · 2001 1.4 tdi · Canica Blue · 92k miles · Full service history · MOT 1 year no advisories · £30 per year road tax (Post 2001 model so cheaper tax £30 compared to £150) · Remote central locking, Electric Windows, Cabin Filter, Light Interior · HPI Clear · £2000 ono Works that have been carried out: New key fob (comes with 2 keys) Cambelt change, water pump and coolant flush @75k Headunit with iPhone compatibility Thermostat Coolant temp sensor New car battery with 3 year warranty Front brake discs and pads Front wheel bearings Ball joints front Suspension bushings front Inner and outer track rods Professional wheel alignment EGR delete with race pipe Remap (100bhp safe, more power and economy) Diesel tank ventectomy (can put in more fuel) Turbo N75 Valve Brake light switch Aux belt K&N air filter Diesel purge (cleans fuel system and injectors) Carbon pollen filter Boot tray Gearbox oil change Gearbox rebuild Clutch 5Th gear Mod (Higher gear ratio for better mpg) Relay 109 Rear brake cylinders Front exhaust flexi Bad points Starter squeels on startup (common VAG issue, doesn’t affect startup and easily remdied) Bodywork has some age related scratches and one golf ball ding (overall very good condition) Some very slight rust Squeek from inside car which I think is the boot (common issue, also easily remedied) http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6141_zpsdvdzmgm4.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6143_zpsfwg07cvn.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6146_zps2vuvao8x.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6148_zpshqeysgsc.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6153_zpsoswsp9pd.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6156_zpsmisiwez1.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6159_zpsd0ueur03.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6164_zpsa81fsefq.jpg~original
  8. hi been looking at a 1.7 diesel sdi lupo as first car and looks nice in fair condition for its age 2002. But mileage is quite high at 139k is this ok for diesels? Heard they last for ages. Been offered it for £1k is this a good deal or would you guys stay clear cos of the high mileage. ultimatly want a small car that can get me from a to b so this would be perfect any advice welcome!
  9. 100MPG GEE

    1.4 Lupo TDI Sport for sale

    Company car forces sale of this very economical Lupo 1.4 TDI Sport. Hi spec for a little car, electric windows, central locking , spot lights, alarm immobilizer, dash tidy / cup holder, factory alloys, mud flaps. 64mpg and £30 tax. Has adjustable coilover suspension fitted. The lupos got service history stamped up to 65000, I've had it since 2011 and have serviced it every year, cam kit and water pump fitted at 90000, new discs and pads at 100k, cam position sensor at 100k, clutch kit fitted a year ago at approx 104k, exhaust back box and anti roll bar drop links at 110k, EGR was cleaned out recently and it's just been serviced. Few small age related dings and chips but other than that quite quite clean and tidy. Mileage is just over 112000 but car is in use so this will increase. mot till 4/2015 Car is in Birmingham £2400 ono
  10. katie129


    Can someone please tell me what this pipe is called it's cracked. Seat arosa diesel
  11. Steaton

    Steaton's Arosa TDI

    Well... I'm back. Since my Arosa sport I've had an Octavia mk1 1.9tdi 108ps, a Seat Ibiza FR mk3 pd130. Now I've decided to come back to the Arosa/Lupo Club but with the 1.4 tdi. Couldn't pass up the chance of £30 a year road tax, great fuel economy and cheap insurance, especially being self employed. Bought it last Thursday (02/01/2014), already changed the rear lights for standard Lupo's and wired the rear fogs and reverse lights. I'll be looking to purchase a full interior if anyone is selling, as the one fitted is gray and stained. And bumpers, maybe sport ones but I'm not too fussed, I do miss having front fogs already though . Problems I've found so far:Driver door dropped (replace hinges?)Illumination on the heater controls not workingFloppy accelerator (I fixed this before, loose bolt on the acc pot)Electric window switches totally knackered (fixed this before too, rebuild the switches)Windows roll up and down incredibly slowMid speakers do not work at allTweeters crackle and cut outRear bumper cracked (probably replace)Body damage on most panels (probably live with it)Few rust patches (Sand back and spray)Dirty stained grey interior (needs replacing)Curbed alloys (may be changing wheels anyway)Starter motor runs on after startingBrakes feel odd, spongy and wheel wobbles when braking hard. (warped discs? air in system?)Tracking looks outRear offside spring has shattered (want to lower anyway)Key gets stuck in lock when locking the doorRemote fob doesn't work, red LED never illuminates (I'll have to buy a couple more from ebay)Mats need replacingAlterations done so far: Rear lights replaced for Red Lupo onesLED map lightSprayed a bunch of Oust inside it
  12. I changed my heater plugs as the car was sluggish on first start,but even after changing them its still sluggish,what to try next?fuel filter,oil filter,or air filter or all .
  13. I recently brought a lupo 1.4 03 and there's a strange tapping noise coming from the top end? The noise seems to disappear after 2000 rpm, I done a oil change and filter and it sounded slightly better its not a very high mileage either 72000. The noise is really starting to irritate me any suggestions? Cheers
  14. Sp3nny

    Spenny's 2nd TDI

    finally got my Lupo Tdi, its my second car, the first was a 1.0 red seat arosa travelled 14 hours from Leeds to Cardiff and back to get her home He's a black tdi with full colour coded interior, which means blue/black leather seats and headrests, leather gaiter and handbrake cover, leather upper door cards, leather stitched steering wheel, cup holders, heated seats, sport alloys etc etc after a four hour clean: my old car: still lots to do so i'll keep you posted: - bee sting ariel - colour code badge Carbon fibre wrapped, ready to be fitted - paint callipers Red - sort out paintwork - fix gearbox (if i can?) - clean interior (boot full of dog hairs) All interior stripped and cleaned - Fix speakers (cracked) - paint door handles (scratched) Wrapped in blue carbon fibre - New alloys Tsw venoms painted and fitted, only temporary until Bathurst are refurbed - Lowering - new Grill FK grill honeycomb with GTI badge, ready to be fitted - rear spoiler bought, need to be painted and fitted - re-map? thanks for taking the time to look, any comments would be appreciated
  15. booted

    Lupo SDi 1.7 Diesel

    we have owned it a bit over 3 years great little car very reliable and economical,, cambelt and water pump at 138258, last service 150806 , new brake pads at 150000, hpi clear, rear exhaust in 2009, new track rod ends in march, synthetic gearbox oil, vw cd and tape players . anything else you would like to know or more photos please ask Located in Luton £1150 ono
  16. IainsTheName

    Lupo or Arosa Diesel?

    Hello all, just regsistered here, seems to be a small, tight knit community :-) I've currently got a 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT, I do roughly 350 miles a week in it and it avergaes 38-40mpg (Motorway driving exclusively). Me and my missus are planning on moving out and as such I have to save money where I can, which means getting rid of the Civic. Been looking and bang for buck the Lupo and Arosa TDi's seem to be brilliant value for money whilst still having some character However, I'm not sure which one to go for - the Arosa's seem to be about £1,000 cheaper than the Lupo equivalent - i'm assuming the extra is for the VW badge? Can anyone tell me what is different about these two models? Or are they exactly them same and the only difference being the outward appearance? Just wanting to know which one everyone prefers and if there's anything different about them? IE Apprently the Arosa comes with more spec except fogs? Thanks for all the help, posted this on the Arosa bit as well to hopefully get some balanced reviews

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