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Found 8 results

  1. Want to remove your badges quickly & leave no damage to your paint? 1. Get your floss and saw it back & forth behind the individual letters. You’ll be left with some sticky foam. 2. Attach a Eraser wheel in a cordless drill at max speed. Gently move across the foam back & forth. Keep removing the residue with a microfibre cloth. 3. Once all removed, wax it. 4. Ten minutes all done!
  2. Hello! I'm a newbie here. Bought my Lupo last week (a 1.0 E with 47k on the clock). The previous owner has painted the VW badge on the back with black chalkboard paint (cringe) and removed the Lupo name. I've ordered (and now have) a replacement silver VW badge from eBay and am planning to follow this video to remove the current one to replace it. I've also managed to source a Lupo name badge from eBay to stick back on. My issue is spacing, can anybody help with how I should space the letters out to look as original as possible? How far down from the window, how much space between letters etc... Cheers Keith
  3. Front grill with badge good condition £25 ono + £3.50 postage Front indicators one has a scratch across the front but cannot see unless up close £10 + £3.50 postage Front and rear seats dark grey very good condition no rips or tears £50 + £40 postage would prefer collection from Portsmouth for the seats but can post if necessary Open to offers Pictures to follow
  4. **WANTED** Front grill badge please. Just the standard S required. Does anyone have one lying around? Thanks
  5. I'm interested in doing the mk5 ect. Boot badge retrofit. does anyone know what sizeD diameter badges are available? What options of fitment is there? I know you can cut and shut a mk5 badge with a square extra surround from the mk5 boot. I'm interested into how casperGTi did his as it looks like he made the hole to fit but I'm interested how people have kept them water tight and muting on the inside. Also how many people have wired the central locking in and is it controlled on a separate button? Any help is welcome. Pictures appreciated too. Thanks Keelan
  6. Just a quickie because i've heard it being asked 100000000000 times Thin piece of wire or string - some people say dental floss, i used a guitar string. Saw through the adhesive/foam Toffee wheel in the drill - erase the remaining foam and adhesive Residue Remover Debadged.
  7. Hi There! I was wondering if anyone knew what products to use when repainting/ marking the sterring wheel badge. I bought the car in april and the badge was scratched around the chrome VW emblum. So considering my car is yellow i wanted to know if i could get a yellow paint or pen to cover it. Thanks! Joele
  8. Is this possible? Cause the first owner debadged the front and i want the 16 badge back. Seat ones are practically a needle in a haystack. Help!?
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