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  1. I've just been quoted £900today to fix mine with a new clutch at a dealer's i told them no thank's, so now i'm looking around for a another garage in wiltshire that can do it cheaper.
  2. That will be mine i drive to work on a saturday morning as it's an early start 4am.
  3. Seen you today about half 1 by esso garage on Hungerdown lane.we both put our hand's up.you were in a sport I think unless you've changed the rear bumper.looked nice and low..
  4. I have 3 tent's for sale as i've just bought a new one.Detail's of tent's below. Tent 1-Coleman Cobra £40.2 Person Tent 2-Stormshrild Xenon £40 2 Person Tent 3-Vango Omega 350 £80 3 Person All in good condition with no mould on them.Used very little comes with all peg's and pole's. Can take paypal and postage will be £10 on each tent because of the weight,or collect in wiltshire to save on postage.
  5. As title front or rear speakers,6 1/2in in size.Brand new still in box never been fitted as can't be bothered quite happy with original speakers.just give me £10 to cover postage,or can pick up from wiltshire for free.
  6. All Weekend 1.Silver! 2.Mafyou 3.MrLuke 4.Gavstar88 5.Dz1981 6.GMInsite 7.LoopEd 8.SD_xo 9.Blitzerman 10. Dean Robinson 11. Ben (LGG) but will be on the DIRTY STANCING stand 12. Jabbles21 13. Newnesie 14.Lermy 15. jamielupo 16. Sarah_Diamond & passenger Sarah (hopefully) 17. Fran & Jeni 18. REDLooP 19. arosabinns 20. Emz 21. RobGti 22. AJ Sat Only 1. 2. 3. Sun Only 1.LupyGav 2.Thooooom 3.Yiddox46 Show 'n' Shine 1.Lermy 2. arosabinns 3. Emz 4. RobGti 5. hit 6. Gavstar88
  7. Emz. Whereabout's is that in Chippenham as that's where i'm from but not seen this advertised anywhere?i'll be up for attending.
  8. YIDDOX46


    The one thing which works for me is the Hayband,look's abit rubbish but it works.Got mine from www.hay-band.co.uk
  9. YIDDOX46


    Think it was you about 11-45 heading toward's Bristol.i was going the other way so might not of seen me.
  10. Sorry to say but the wheel has gone.i should of changed the post heading.

  11. YIDDOX46

    Black lupo,Bath

    Seen you today at about 1ish,you had a pink chequered roof.looked good,different from usall black or white check's. Anyone on here:D .
  12. Oldey if you like you can join me leaving from Chippenham. Leaving the esso petrol station by morrison's at 9-30 as that should be enough time to get to chieveley.
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