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  1. His RS4 was up my way this weekend just gone, pure stunning!
  2. AMD? Im sure they have done a few.
  3. Diesels are great if your doing a lot of miles. Ive got a grande punto 1.9 and it ticks all the boxes for me. Slightly tinkered with touching 177bhp and 330 ft lbs. 400 miles to a tank driving flat out constantly and approx 600 when doing long distance motorway journeys. Tax is around £160, insurance costs me £800. But i want back in a petrol car lol but the miles i do i think i would be daft do to that. Have put 30,000 miles on it in 1 year.
  4. Corrected lol. Nice little xmas present you got there.
  5. Pricey! I've done 100,000 miles with nothing but BP Ultimate/Shell Vpower so would hate to see my total lol.
  6. Got drivers side window switch?
  7. FLOL! Cheers dude, just saved me £52.
  8. 1st gear transmissions in Dartford. Give them a ring, they will sort you out.
  9. Not many places offer remaps for them I believe any ways. Awesome would do it without supporting mods, its just they recommend for the best gains that you have things like exhaust, panel filter/induction kit etc. Where ever you go the gains are going to be pretty small any ways.
  10. I personally wouldnt let a mobile chipper touch any of my cars. Would always take it for live mapping or rolling road remap. Speak to Awesome GTi, not sure if they are doing the lupos again.
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