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  1. Ive just put a kenwood double din tv dvd thing in mine and it fits perfect. i just pushed all the cables in the sides behind the plasic, its has gaps top and bottom. Just try to keep the loom connections to a minimum and it will be fine.
  2. Seen a female driving up pagenhill in stroud and to be honest ive seen her all over the place! pretty cute, was it you???!!!!
  3. alex#65


    havnt a clue who they where, he had another one up there so i dont no if he is some kind of wierd gti breeder? yeah i was gona put her on her bum the wknd but i got concusion and spent the night in hospital! ah well
  4. Anyone going up to the air ballon for the VAG meeting weds nite? im goin to head up with a couple of mates, never been before but apparently its quite big? seein if any of you chaps go up. First weds of the month i think?
  5. alex#65


    After saving my pennies and robbing a bank ive finally got my hands on a GTI that ive wanted for ages.......sooo i thought id introduce myself. I met a few of you guys after just buying my lup at edition and was going to put it on the stand but i had to shoot of, couldnt wait to drive her home! Anyway im babbleing, Im Alex, im 19 and from Kings Stanley near Stroud Gloucestershire Ive just bought a 2001 silver Lupo GTI from a guy at edition who was originally from scotland. Please dont burst my bubble if its crap!! Its almost standard bar a set of coilovers and a set of BBS semi splits as i cal
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