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  1. Hi everyone, its been far too long since I've been on here, but pretending to be a grown up has been difficult! FOR SALE - Seat Arosa 1.4 16v Sport (100bhp model) £2,500 ono Southampton 84,000 miles. 2001, 3 Door Hatchback, Black, Petrol, Manual, Sports black and red seats with folding rear seats, Body coloured bumpers, ABS, Continental Sport Contact 2s tyres all round, Factory alloy wheels. No rips, tears or cigarette burns to the interior. Excellent condition throughout. 3 female owners. Last MOT on 26 Apr 2011. Tax until 31 Jan 2012. Lots of paperwork for all work and services done, i
  2. Somewhat sweeping statement as ride quality depends on so many things. It is possible to go low, have better handling and superior ride. (PS the OH won´t let me lower her Mk2 Sport as she hates the ride of mine!!!)
  3. Really feeling this. Would love to see this scraping along.
  4. Worringly, this is still going better than some of my other projects...
  5. Alright guys! Lets just say you shouldnt expect speedy updates, as: A. The OH and me bought a house that needs loads of work. B.Bought a dog that needs walking constently. C.Im hugely lazy!! AND D. It hasnt been started in about 20 months... (Not that this matters).
  6. Need to get the Porsche gone, then back to work on this...
  7. Due to being a clot and buying a dog thats going to be a small horse when he's an adult my 924S going going up for sale. An extremely sad day. If anyones interested in a sound, much loved car, I will be putting it up for sale in the classifieds in the next couple of weeks... On a possitive note, at least it will free up space in the garage so the Arosa can come home rather than staying at my folks place (a 2 hour drive from me). This means I can start bringing it to shows and working on its next phase again!
  8. Spotted Sunday, running black rims. Looked good on the move.
  9. You cant finish a simple car but you can do that??? Awsome work fella!
  10. Al, you big derv lover! This looks annoyingly sweet now, and as you don't give passanger rides I may just have to take the keys!
  11. Saw this a week or so back, didnt twig it was you. Spoiler looks suprising good in the flesh. Do I get a spin in the new one too?
  12. Love the sunvisiors, brilliant idea!
  13. I didnt realise you and Putney went into business together and opened a hair dressers?
  14. All very well and good but he owns a non sport model so a sport rear bumper would be useless as the spare wheel well is in the way for exaust routing, cutting up a wheel well is not cheap. A better option is a reiger rear or leaving well alone.
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