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  1. beanie

    et ????

    that would be good thread lol
  2. beanie

    et ????

    hello peeps could any1 tell me the et on the gti wheels thanks
  3. i drive a scooby as well and im no pillock!!!! you retard
  4. thanx just want some for my polo gti there wider than the RXII and my m8 got a set of the bathurst
  5. what size is the standered tyer on bathhurst wheel???
  6. i finaly got rid of my lupo sport and got a polo gti pick here up to day cant wait 10 on the dot ill be at the garge out side the door
  7. the garage couldnt wait 2 hours till i got there and sold the gti i wanted ****ERS im realy wound up now TOSSERS
  8. not doing feck all now the garage sold it thay couldnt wait two hours till i got there load of ****ng ****S
  9. f**ksake the garage has just rang and said thay sold it before i got there what a load of ****s i dont belive thay couldnt wait 2 more hours till t got there
  10. ur right about the scorpian i seen that bit
  11. evan better im loving it more and more
  12. uprated recipt said cost £340 but not shour stainless or back box??
  13. oi and i just remembered that when i toke it for a test drive it made a wealing wereing sound when i started it what could that be?
  14. ok ill let you now how it gos theres some pics ont the readers ride page looks well nice
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