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  1. Yep, converted to 5x100 and rear brake discs too 😁
  2. My sister owned my lupo from 2001 to 2009, I bought it back in 2013 and the promise is to never sell it!
  3. Hi guys, been following the forum for a long time but never registered. 10 years ago I found and bought the lupo that my passed away sister sold 5 or 6 years before. She always wanted to modified it back in the Maxi Tuning days (glad she never did😁). So i have been doing that for these last years little by little at my own taste. I am now reverting it in a more preformace oriented car that stanced. Got a ton of mods, expecting around 170bhp when fine tuned but I'll open a bulid topic when i finish it, maybe this year!
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