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  1. Believe me, LR5V, I have tried! You're talking to someone who drove the family Hillman Imp for her first 7 years of driving! It stayed in the family for another 25 years when it was passed on to a young enthusiast. There is no talking her into keeping it so sadly the Lupo will have to be sold.
  2. Thanks mk2. I've spent the whole of lockdown trying to persuade her to keep the Lupo but she has been teased relentlessly by her friends and won't be persuaded! She has now found a 208 which she is collecting next weekend. It's her money so what can you do?! I will get the Lupo cleaned up today and will look into Autotrader or eBay. Will try to work out a price based on similar Lupos for sale. Many thanks
  3. Thanks Rich. If it was up to me, I would hang on to the Lupo as it has been a brilliant little car, so solid and reliable. Unfortunately, she needs the money from the Lupo to help finance her next car and she has her heart set on a 208.
  4. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the place to post but my daughter is wanting me to sell her VW Lupo for her. I was wondering if someone could please tell me the best place to advertise it. It is a 2004 black Lupo E 1.4 in very good condition. The former keeper was my sister-in-law who had owned it from new and sold it to my daughter in April 2018. My daughter is in the process of buying a more modern (!) Peugeot 208, hence the sale. It has a full service history with a VW garage until 2017 when our local garage took over the servicing. It has done approx. 128,000 miles (I will check exact miles tomorrow). There is a stack of receipts and paperwork detailing all the work that's been done on it since new. MOT is valid until March 2021. Any advice regarding where to advertise and a rough value would be really appreciated. Thank you.
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