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  1. Here's what a mate and i did in mine, worked great, but aesthetically never really finished
  2. Looking for a bigger car so selling my lupo of 4 years, I am the second registered owner. about 71000 miles on the clock, no engine mods. Lupo Sport 16V 100BHP Body mods: Bad boy Bonnet, side bump strips removed, smoothed boot, which opens off central locking, removed wiper, lowered on AP coilovers, 3 rear tinted windows - Limo Black. and 14" BBS RA alloys. There is slight misalignment on the front bumper. Still have the rear wiper, simple to put back on, Audio - Vibe K-60 door speakers and tweeters, sony head unit with mp3 connection. the wiring is also still in for any amp and subs to be installed. £1800 ono, PM me if interested MOT - May 2012 Tax due - 1/12/2011 I also have a douible 12" sub box which fits over the base of the rear seats (when Removed) if anyone interested £30 for the sub box. shown below.
  3. Lupo_Jacko

    Black Arosa

    Black arosa on the A6 near Disley gave you a thumbs up when you flashed, wondered if you were on here?
  4. yeah there isn't many in buxton from when i've driven through and theres always a way to avoid them, not sure about a bit further down the road on the corner at the traffic lights comming up from morrisons to where i saw you bottomed out right bad but be alright ha
  5. yeah looks a lot better! make sure you look out for them speedbumps, they pretty much wrecked my undercarriage. looking pretty clean as well
  6. At the Tesco Garage in Buxton about 7 tonight, have you had it lowered now? just clocked it as i was driving past.
  7. on the frankie n bennys roundabout heading down the bypass towards m1 was in my mates clio just clocked ya had tints on windows and maybe G60 steels or pepperpots
  8. hey, it was mine you saw at lime park wasn't it? but this one wasn't me must be someone new
  9. Thats actually good point, if i use it to make it greener as well as improving the engine and putting a better engine in, it'll probably be a more worthwhile project not just for myself but for marks at uni cheers man
  10. i'm at manchester, yeah i'm planning in getting involved next year but they are doing ours every 2 years now because the uni cut the funding for it or something
  11. hey yeah i've seen the warwick facilities on an open day i went to a few year back, i'm doing mechanical engineering, but i want to get into engine design itself but our lecturers are pretty down to earth and he said it could be a good idea. depends yet if i can fund it like. are you involved in the formula student programme?
  12. cheers guys, yeah i thought it would be expensive, it's going to be done till my final year which is another 2 years, the gti engine idea sounds like more of a plan, hopefully my lecturer will give me a hand and i guess i best start saving ha, but weve got the facilities at uni seen as they build a race car every year i'm sure theres a lot of hands on to help out cheers if it ever gets started i'll keep you all posted chris
  13. Hey, i've decided i wanna do a 2.0T conversion in my loop, i've been looking at dropping a 2.0 TSI 270PS out the new Golf R, however it's not going to be started for a year at least, btu i'm planning on doing it for my final year project at uni, any one know about the sizes involved and if it'll fit? or if there is any other 2.0T engine would could be better for this? cheers guys
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