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  1. Mainly alot of swearing and scratches heads and many many searches for wiring diagrams
  2. Also there was an open short on the switch itself
  3. New switch solved the problem , stripped down the old one and a few of the resistor literally fell off
  4. Narrowed the issue down to the light switch, ordered a new one to see if it makes a difference
  5. Yup only goes off when I disconnect battery, side light on drives side stays on aswel with it
  6. Drivers side goes off when changing over to the passangers side, but rear light on drivers side stays on indicators working fine, standard immo and RCL thought the initial problem was down to the led bulbs i put in the side lights, rear drivers parking light still on , took the bulb out, and changed it to see if it made a difference - no change, driving me potty lol
  7. howdy folks The parking light on the drivers side will not go off, the indicator stalk is in the in the correct position, Any ideas ?
  8. Matt-Mk2

    Exhaust Help

    Hi Folks, I currently have a MK2 arosa 1.0 AUC engine , exhaust is blowing like the clappers, i know its coming from the flexi front pipe, all i need is that replacement part and my mind is battered , i have no access to a welder, can someone point me in the right direction so i can get her back on the road,
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