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  1. Hi guys where would it be the best place to remap my lupo gti? I'm looking for a costume remap, I had the head ported and polished, 2.5 exhaust plus tubular 4-1 manifold and 100cell cat, cold air intake, full polyurethane bushing, hr and whiteline antiroll bar and bilstain b12 pro suspension, now I'm just looking to get a camshaft upgrade and spring valves, fuel pump and injectors, all I need is a remap to get the best out of it. Also I have had the engine rebuilt new pistons and rings all seal have been replaced. Thank you
  2. Did you manage to get the engine mounts, if yes can I buy some please thank you.
  3. Thank you I forgot to mention that I have 15mm spacers
  4. I've had the bbs rx refurbished they are looking good, maybe I will go with the corrado brake system should be easier to install thanks alot anyway guys
  5. Hi guys I'm new to this, I'm Pedro and I have a lupo gti with 130.000 miles, love that thing and I'm now restoring it. I'm also trying to fit it with r 32 mk4 brakes the bolt pattern fits the trouble is my mechanic tells me to get 17" wheels I don't want to do that, is it ok to grind some of the calipers metal away and use smaller disk with 4x100 pdc, also I've upgraded to 16" bbs rx 2 hope this makes sense
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