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  1. AHT is the engine code
  2. First of all , it is a 99 model with 146k km. I only have it for 1 year in my possesion and from a mechanical stand point i had no problem whatsoever with it .Proved to be a reliable little car but in the same time i am only using it to go to work and back ( 20km daily) so i couldn t say how it handles long trips. I would say thought that my fav part is the fact that it is so easy to work on and as we all know , fixing something yourself can be very satisfying. The only negative , in todays world it is seriously underpowered( 50 bhp to begin with minus the ones that died along the way) compared to the cars around you so overtaking can be an adventure. All in all i am super delighted with this little car so far.
  3. Well , there it is .My blue little lupo
  4. Well , there it is .My blue little lupo
  5. For sure i will stick around since you were right on the money with it being the oil pressure sensor. Thank you again.
  6. Yes, indeed i am not english but i thank you for the prompt answer. I wish you a very nice day.
  7. Hello and thank you for reading. I have a small oil leak on my lupo 1.0 AHT and i would like to ask if anybody knows what is this little black thing on the front of the engine next to the oil filter. Thank you very much, Andrew
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