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  1. K5rlx

    New to Lupo's current MK1 Golf owner !

    Sorry but the Mk1 is my 3rd child. But I will take that a compliment.
  2. K5rlx

    New to Lupo's current MK1 Golf owner !

    Yeah its 100% standard other than coilers and wheels. Which is how she will stay. I just have a few things that need tidying up and restoring on the inside.
  3. K5rlx

    New to Lupo's current MK1 Golf owner !

    Yes just standard, still not quite how I want her, but as she's my daily its hard to work on her. Hopefully with the Lupo going to be my new daily , I will get the time to have her off the road.
  4. K5rlx

    Ats cups

    Are these still available ?
  5. Hello, My name is Karl, I live on the outskirts of Andover Hants. I'm looking at getting a Lupo as my new daily, as A change in work place will mean I have a 25 mile commute to work there and back. As I currently have a low millage Mk1 Golf Cabby as my daily I need something i won't mine putting miles on. I will most likely be looking for advise when it comes to styling and part for this site which hopefully people on here will be able to help with. Thanks in advance. Karl P.S heres a picture of my MK1 if people are interested.

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