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  1. My lad is 17 and on a provisional with me and his mam on it was 876 fully comp on a 02 1ltr lupo and once passed 1800 dead... That was with Tescos and a black box..
  2. Just wring you dealer they will email a 24hr access to what ever parts list you want with all the part numbers and upto date prices......
  3. @mscherryviolet When you first talked about the cherry theme I must admit I was scepticle... Im pleased to be proven wrong looks reely good ...
  4. Well penned @mscherryviolet Now show me your cherries...
  5. Cold air is naturally dry thus will absorb moisture from inside the car.
  6. f you have air con leeve it on at all times and set the fan for fresh air not reserculate ,the air con will dry the air cold air is dry so drawing in cold air from out side will absorb moisture faster than damp air allready in the car...
  7. Is there a sweet smell ? Could be heater matrix or water build up in the scuttle area allowing water into the blowers.. Im going for heater matrix.
  8. Yeah its good considering.. It does mine came with a hdmi lead and looked good on a 52" hi definition tele.. Have a look on ebay there should be some unwanted gifts going resonable..
  9. I got one of these about six month ago decent qaulity and disposable money.... Ebay link... Mouse over to zoom - Click to enlarge
  10. Loop'd


    Agreed could be HG but could also be many other cheeper things....
  11. Ive just done a chain and head rebuild on a 1.2 polo 2011 with only 55k on the clock. The oner drove the car with a jumped chain and burnt 4 valves.. not cheep repair at all... Buy a tdi or ask for proof the chain has been done it should be a recall but its not...
  12. I'd avoid the three pots unless they have had the revised timing chain done.. Check valve in the tensioner fails and they can jump a cog even at low mileage....
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