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  1. My project so far. I still have lots of ideas as plans for this car and is still a working process, but this is it so far.
  2. There bits of wire, unfortunately it came like that when I got it, it's also got a small scrape on the passenger side. its on this list of things to sort out haha.
  3. Hi all, been on this forum a little while but as I'm finally about to get the Lupo on the road I thought I should introduce my self. This is my first car but been a petrol head since I could remember so can't wait to get into my project and drive my own car to shows. I have put the wheels on witch are 15' Lenso KZA's. Not done anything else so far but the car came with little bits done to it. Any advice and help is appreciated
  4. I think im going to risk it with the ones I sent on the link as I love the style of them. Thanks though and advice taken on the Coilovers.
  5. Looks mint that mate, I'm on a low budget mate, what ishues have you had with cheep coilovers?
  6. No, thanks anyway. My back bumper just has a split on the drivers side corner and some one has done a bad job of repainting it with touch up paint.
  7. Thanks for the advice, if I got the arches rolled would this be away round any issues if they do come about.
  8. Hi all, Has any one got a dark green rear bumper for sale or know of one for sale. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and have just bought a 1ltr Lupo. I am looking to get a set of wheels for it to begin with and have come across these. http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/lenso/kza/black-polished/15-inch What's everyone's opinion on whether they would rub or not and if I would need to get the arches rolled. The car is not lowered yet but I plan to put it on Coil Overs in the new year. Thanks in advance. PS - Im dyslexic so I apologise for any spelling mistakes.
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