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  1. Try some silicone lube spray in the guides. The overcurrent sensor is being triggered.
  2. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    A good 01M and new sills both sides. If it doesn't pass MOT next year, I'll be scrapping it too. Shame because otherwise it's a minter.
  3. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    Get it checked ASAP... most stuff heals in two. I once broke my hand and didn't bother for about 3 weeks. Then in hospital after they xrayed it, they had to re-break my bones which had begun to heal in the wrong place! With no local' either!!! yes it did.
  4. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    Upper, driver's side, rear door hinge please... (to go on my Lupo which is worn out). £5 incl postage?
  5. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    How's your right hand though? I can't believe that punching a windscreen wouldn't break all the bones...!
  6. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    Do you still own it? i need some bits...! the scavengers are already out...
  7. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    Ouch. yeah, you gotta watch for people being helpful... in other countries it's actually illegal to wave people through traffic. For this reason. I'm amazed your hand is ok seeing that mark in the windscreen. Or maybe you're Conan.
  8. Yeah, all looks normal. Check the voltage in that supply plug on the egr controller. Not sure what it needs to be in there, but i think from memory, it's 0 and 12v when running idle.
  9. Well, truth be told, most garages have no idea about electrics with cars. Just wait till electric cars need fixing. A mechanic will be useless... So, the reality is that they'll try various things but mostly it's a stab in the dark unless they really understand how the various computers work and what they control. my hunch is that from your description, it's something to do with the door locks. Interior light staying on is a good indicator. Door locks can also control fuel pumps... indirectly. But it could also be an intermittant main power relay, or ignition switch (radio in learn mode or a light switch crossing wires - dash illuminated is wierd.) good luck. but if this is of any help, ANY post 1996 car can exhibit wierd behaviour because of electrics.
  10. If you punch in the part numbers in these web sites, they show you all the common models... there are a lot of common parts. Loads.... https://nemigaparts.com/cat_spares/etka/volkswagen/ http://www.oemepc.com/vw/main_group/markt/RDW/modell/LU/year/2005/drive_standart/441/hauptgruppen/1234567890/lang/e
  11. Yeah, the superb lubrication properties of BP synthetic two stroke oil will compensate for the wear caused by the glycerols in SVO. About 2-3% or about a litre per brim full tank (assuming it can take 35L from full to empty). Get a 20L drum, as it works out at about £1.75 a litre then. Or you could run your engine on a blend of your choice and use diesel purge fluid instead of diesel, and add more SVO. More power too...
  12. Don't add petrol as it drops the cetane rating massively... loses a lot of power. At the very least please bung in some 2-stroke oil 100L should move you about 1800 miles if it's all running right. Oh yeah, also block off the egr too as there's a fair bit more soot generated as it doesn't burn as hot (Or unplug the 2 vacuum hoses- and bung up the open suction ends).
  13. I used to to think the same that by running SVO saves a bit of money. It doesn't in the long run as you'll be spending more money and time on diesel system parts. Older diesel injector systems with old style injectors can handle it better than the new electronic system in an SDI. The pump will also suffer because there are electronic components inside the injection pump that are immersed in the fuel. The fuel pump works with a servo motor, coil, magnet and hall sensor- some compoenents are made with copper and brass which don't like moisture (in glycerol). Make a small amount of your mix and bung it in a jam jar, then put that in the freezer- you'll see the stuff separate out. One thing you can add to your mix to make it better is 2-stroke oil. Add about 3% by volume. Also adding a bit of Kerosene (paraffin) also helps makes the burn a bit hotter, but counteracts the lubricating properties of the 2-stroke oil. 🙂
  14. i sense an owner that will look after this one... don't use SVO in it though. It has the new style injectors which really really don't like veggie oil. The teeny tiny holes clog with hardened glycerol, which forms inside the injectors after you switch off.
  15. That wiring diagram shows you the places you could check... you can see how if a relay were faulty, large swathes of the loom are without power.
  16. Welcome to club lupo! (I used google translate) User manual, you will need to find locally, in Italian. For maintenance there are drawings, try here- https://nemigaparts.com/cat_spares/etka/volkswagen/ http://www.oemepc.com/vw/main_group/markt/RDW/modell/LU/year/2005/drive_standart/441/hauptgruppen/1234567890/lang/e You can use Polo 6N manuals.
  17. mk2

    Help wiring omex

    Why are you trying to mod it... you need the amp. Rev limit is usually set by the ecu.
  18. On a completely standard, unmodified car, 'S' spec, I'm sure it was something to do with the CCU (convenience control unit). Problem I think is related to door locks (microswitches), where if the CCU thinks the door is still open when it's locked, it keeps power alive ready to start or something??? Am I on the right lines? Damned vdub door locks...
  19. 0.04 ohms is good. wire is ok. next..!
  20. I'll second that. Just buy a car with a 1.8T as supplied by OEM cheaper in the long run. Simply strip it out to an almost bare shell. Completely legal (although uncomfortable).
  21. From my limited knowledge on the subject as I've not had an accident yet (!), if people are injured or killed (as in there may have been a crime committed), then they look at everything - including light switch position, wiper switch position, tyre pressures, brake fluid level, wiper condition, tread, brakes pads & discs, seat mounting, steering condition and fluid levels, air in injector rails and fuel pipes etc etc. Basically, anything that affects safety and behaviour of the car. So engine, of course. And welcome to CL!
  22. Dumb question probably... but as the hubs on 3Ls are different to regular Lupos, do they fit a regular or/and a GTi? and what tyres go on them?
  23. I don't do FB...
  24. Oh, you just got to tell us all the news! Any pics? Extraordinary excursions are always something to discuss for us lessor mortals.
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