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  1. jgee

    just joined

    Can see the Lupos charm has rubbed off on you lol
  2. jgee


    Yeah pretty cheap and easy to solve issues I've found and this site seems to have a how to guide for everything you could ever need so your in good hands ha
  3. jgee


    Good first car choice
  4. jgee

    hi new on here

    Sounds cool mate i look forward to seeing it
  5. jgee

    Fuel Economy

    Just driven mine to Blackpool, from Dundee and back and wasn't driving too carefully had a quarter of a tank left both ways very surprised and pleased with that cheaper than my last diesel
  6. This is really helpful for me, this thread should be moved somewhere more visible
  7. Breaker yard and similar sites, it contacts breakers up and down the country and theyll send quotes to you if they have it and you pick the cheapest one. I got a window regulator and motor for £30 down from over £100
  8. Can someone move this thread sorry put it in wrong place think I'm tired
  9. The problems just happened recently, I unlock the car but passenger side is still locked, and it won't open with either handle, the door will open if I pull the little hook with my hand though, the door will normally work fine with the upper door card off but I'm fed up of looking at it without it, probably something quite simple
  10. Update I got a new regulator and motor from a breaker which was tested working and it won't work in my lupo, so now I think I have two fully working regulators and motors, so I think i have a problem in the electronics I done a VAGCOM scan which I linked on the post and didn't find nothing related to it. Dunno how to proceed https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/WAgJQBbictc
  11. I just seen an old thread with the black and blue seats, same as mine on a jazz blue lupo they said it was a colour concept car and very rare? Is this true I thought they were just donated from a golf or something similar https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/JUmegWPgFnC
  12. jgee

    Choosing wheels

    you need to modify the car to have 15s like that Dblock? I'd like to have mine like that
  13. I had a new polo for a short while and it had a plastic and boring interior put me off, if this is a cheaper car than that was, then I'd expect not much better
  14. Ok thanks Skezza that makes sense will bear it in mind if have the problems again, hopefully lights stay gone, gonna get it scanned anyways
  15. The battery was unplugged all day yesterday and when I connected it again that's when the lights appeared so unsure about that one guys, and the brake lights are working ok, I haven't driven it today but I started it up this morning and the lights where both gone but im waiting to drive it. not at home the now, to make sure
  16. That's a nice car, so clean very nice
  17. Does that reset the ECU or something ?
  18. Thanks I'll sort out a scan Edit just seen your post Rob, I'm in Dundee so not to far dunno if I wanna drive it far at the moment don't trust it with these lights
  19. Well the engine management light has gone off (EPC), but now its been replaced with the exhaust emissions check light, my pal thinks its just confused since the battery was flat and removed and needs to be reset somehow hmm but I dunno
  20. So last night left the interior light on and woke up to a flat battery, been charging all day in shed, reconnected it and this warning light is now on, how do I get rid of it does it just mean the battery's low? Thanks guys
  21. I put Volkswagen window winder handle into eBay it came up with loads and some are originals
  22. Reminds me of the medal of Honor starting quote "And when he gets to heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell One more soldier reporting, sir, Ive served my time in hell""
  23. Nice car i like the arosas mean look
  24. That's very kind mate, its alright I got some now though thanks
  25. Did a bit of googling the links are not for lupos put can't be too different I would think "The lever at the top of the seat allows the seat to tilt; that is all the top leaver does. The reason the seat slides is because the cable at the bottom of the seat is pulled and lifts the seat locking system. The cable is attached to the locking system at one end and the rear end of the cable is attached to the bottom of the seat back. Therefore when the seat angles forward it pulls the locking track pin up out of the track. The whole force of this cable is held by a plastic clip. Not unsurprisingly this plastic clip fails. That is why tilting the seat does not allow the seat to slide. http://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/154853-fabia-vrs-seat-cover-removal/ http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/96924-lupo-driver-seat-tilt-release-failed/ http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=f4js97n73tbm35tqih4t4ff4u7&topic=37400.0
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