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  1. Rota Grid V come in 15x8 eto0 And XXR 527's 15x8.25 et0 Can pick both sets up pretty cheap too
  2. Was time to move on! Still got them though
  3. More lows and more fitment Have a photo.....
  4. Few more changes over the winter Boot install is finished There's more camber I'm now representing Cast13 running there new 17x8 RB1's
  5. They're xxr 527 8.25x15 et0, I wasn't sure on them but love them now
  6. Couple more photos of it Also it's now bagged running V2
  7. Picked up my new seats the other day and got them fitted Raemco full carbon frame with Alcantara fronts
  8. What would you say the problem is? Thanks for that but I could probably do with somewhere more local, I'm in the midlands
  9. I've had a read through the gearbox thread but couldn't relate to it. There's no whining or anything like that from my box, all gears are fine except 3rd. I can go up gears absolutely fine, but I cant change from 6-3 5-3 or 4-3, but I can get down into third by putting the clutch down, going into 2nd, then into third and let the clutch off. Could this be syncro's or something like that? Any ideas what it could be and how to fix it?
  10. Couple more changes happened before edition to the old lupo. Chrome front badge again XXR 527 8.25 et0 all round
  11. Haha... Sadly no. It's done exactly the same way you'd spray it normally
  12. Not much going on with the car at the minute, more camber and more lows happened the other day though
  13. i'm 18 and it cost me £50 on my GTI to declare my coilys
  14. much easier than I expected doing it that way, just take you time cant go wrong...
  15. I get gallons per mile in my gti
  16. Heat gun and mallet!
  17. StubbsGTI

    Rota Grids

    Drift works! Great service and couldn't find them cheaper anywhere else
  18. Been running shims for a while now but they just don't give me the camber I want and I want to get lower on the back. I've looked everywhere for info on washers but no where seems to have a good answer. What width washers would I need to give me about 5 and half degrees of camber? And what size would they need to be to fit properly?
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