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    Remap Offer

    front lower bumper grill. as standard it goes to wheel arch but narrows down in a restrictive way.
  2. Clouseau

    Remap Offer

    thats exactly what i have done, performance panel, custom ducting, and a powerchip (which i'm sure will give same power as the jabba version).
  3. strawberry corneto please. yeah kas are really ugly, but they are fun to drive.
  4. it would if 2 is better than 1.5 lol. i think each car is likely to be individual also for how it feels with camber, what size/brand tyres, how low, suspension stiffness. and how agressive you are on which roads etc. all info is appreciated.
  5. have you tried camber 1.5/2? it could be that they would give even more suitable for grip. i know that when i changed from dunlop to toyo it was like driving another car, it completely changed the character of the car, it didnt slide anymore. but the grip was great. i went to a -1.3 camber in my previous car, and it was interesting as to how twitchy it got, which was fun. i will probably just get -1.5 to be safe. i had a -2 in the gti before and it was ok, that was on the scary dunlops. i only had it on for a short while though so didnt know how tyre wear progressed.
  6. there would be an optimum setting somewhere for handling on the road in wet and dry conditions. and for bumpy to smooth surfaces. you dont want it too negative. it needs to be a compromise as if like me it costs £55 to get it adjusted each time. i dont have coilovers, i have H&R cup comfort kit, -30mm.
  7. yeah sorry meant that. they are good service and prices. i reccomend you order a sparco bolt fitting kit aswell. as you need the alen key type bolts as spanners/sockets dont have enough room for seat fixing into slides. you also need to drill 4 holes into the exisiting rails at side of the floor but i managed to do it, you can drill down through the frame so you dont need to measure anything. holes are needed for normal type bolts to hold rear of frame in place.
  8. Clouseau


    ah maybe hacker is doing something.
  9. i think he did his as a joke. actualy i'm not sure now as there is another one come up.
  10. just because its cheap doesnt mean its of low quality.
  11. i called motorportworld.co.uk to order mine, about £70 for tailored frame and sliders. fia approved.
  12. your training is complete.
  13. Clouseau


    yours are sane piccola lol.
  14. it wasnt a mass debate.
  15. Clouseau


    i play too. border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" class="linked-image" />
  16. i have just fitted a sparco seat, pics of which i will get up this week. i dont recommend universal frames unless you know what your doing and mount everthing to structural areas of the floor area. i fitted a sparco lupo seat frame and slides and its very secure. i would suggest getting the sparco kit to fit your seats.
  17. i have mine at negative 1 and its wearing evenly on the front tyres. i want to try negative 1.5 next, which is as far as i would want to go for road use.
  18. Clouseau

    Remap Offer

    i have ran a car for a year without any air filter and with direct scoop from front grill. so i got all the flies and dirt etc into the engine, but it didnt go bang and the performance was great. not good for longetivity i guess though, but i wasnt bothered the destiny of the car was to perform at its best until it went wrong. usually thats kind of thing is only done on the race track.
  19. is this for us to comment on aswell? something public going on?
  20. got my cambelt kit and lots of other parts from www.buypartsby.co.uk
  21. i just made mine on the site and i'm in love with it. the blue thunder i have called it lol. want it.
  22. just for a little entertainment check this. vader v police
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