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  1. the lad got a good deal there for your gti i would have loved it but too far away and insurance aswell
  2. bargain these if only you lived closer glws
  3. whats the least you'd take for a mate
  4. lupodubber1


    they do look lush just cery expensive
  5. is there much of a difference between the gti bonnet and normal bonnet
  6. don't buy oz superleggras lol and schmidt moderlines are quite spot on like
  7. lupodubber1


    that aint gonna be cheap mate lol
  8. type in thissy he should come up and look at his posts fella
  9. well let me know when you come to sell them and ill have them off you anyway cheeeers
  10. Et is alien lmao erm there's basically no et mate no dish what so ever
  11. Will they be too wide? I'm running oz superleggras 16 inch and it's lowered
  12. i cant think of what this looks like ;0
  13. yeah mate cheers get some pics
  14. GLWS mate would love these on my loop
  15. liking this :wub: :wub:
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