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    Lupo 1.0e in Dragon Green Standard at the moment
  1. parkin

    Need a new speedo

    fixed it:) it needed a whack it was sticking
  2. parkin

    Need a new speedo

    Mail me and we can arrange somat cheers alex
  3. parkin

    Barnsley Newbie

    orite dude im from mexborough which is doncaster
  4. parkin

    New Member 1.0

    hello everyone ill be posting pictures soon
  5. parkin

    Wanted front seats for lupo

    Ill have your seats dude i live in doncaster howmuch you want
  6. parkin

    Wanted front seats for lupo

    can you email me pictures please ill mail youu and how much do you want for them
  7. coilpack and plugs mine lupo was same
  8. parkin

    WANTED!!! Cheap wheels

    Wanted any wheels cheap it need to get rid on my standard vw alloys inbox me if you selling any wheels Cheers Alex
  9. parkin

    Help now please fast

    Key stuck in barrel of lock
  10. please help it annoying
  11. parkin

    Just bought a Dragon green Lupo

    cheers hahah halfofzero
  12. parkin

    Lupo 1.0 Insurance HELP

    Danny what insurance you using
  13. I Really want these wheels for my Lupo mail me or post on this topic Cheers Alex
  14. parkin

    Wanted Volkswagen Lupo Starlites

    really want these for my Lupo mail me or post on my topic cheers Alex
  15. parkin

    Wanted front seats for lupo

    im interested dude mail me back or post back

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