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  1. Cool . The r32 Bora is built and owned by a friend of mine. He is selling it soon. And the blue loop with white rims is my precious . Thanks!
  2. Here are some pictures from Bugrun 2012 (VW event at Mantorp Park Raceway) in Sweden this June. Not alot of Lupos, but some http://ppfoto.smugmu...67767&k=W3TbJGt
  3. Does the standard type oil filter fit on a 1.4 AUA engine? I have the small type mounted now and a new big one in the garage that I would like to use. Small: Standard:
  4. Got a great result of the machine polish! Compare with the above pictures.
  5. Here you will find 939 pictures me and my friend took at Bugrun 2011 in Sweden: http://darkphoto.smugmug.com/Cars/Bug-Run-11/17545025_sTcQsT#1335716223_MCpjM4K
  6. A bit lower now The stereo in the boot lowered it a couple of CM. The subwoofter is the same size as the rims, sound about right don't you think . Lowered it 15mm in front as well and painted the front emblem black.
  7. How come you're selling the shims? Thinking of getting those myself.
  8. marcs: Jo jag gillar dom . Yes, 4e eller 5e året i rad blir det. Vi ses där då! Sorry guys for the Swedish . I finally finished with the de-locking of the front doors. Also mounted a stainless steel pipe with an open cone filter and got a really nice intake sound A friend of mine found a turbo he thought I should mount on my lupo: Gt45
  9. Thanks for your reply. It was in my case the cable that was too tight and I managed to loosen it after a while.
  10. Hi, I de-locked my Lupo today using the guide here on CL. Everything went fine and I adjusted the slack on the door handle cable according to the guide. I tested it and it worked good at first, but later I could not open the drivers side door. Could I have tightned the cable for the door handle too much? And how do I open it? I removed the door panel and can see the locking mechanism but I still can't open it! Help! Thanks!
  11. Thx guys! Yeah I will lower it some more . Marcs: Riktigt fet gti du har! Bugrun? ^^
  12. This roof is totally awesome! I recognized the pattern from somewhere, then I looked over at the pillows in the couch and found this:
  13. My brothers Golf 4 GTI also has a strange owl sound, but I think it's clutch related on his.
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