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  1. LexG

    Lupo GTI 2002

    Thanks I'm sure I will ... my Up GTI is waiting for me so ill be posting that when it arrives!
  2. LexG

    Lupo GTI 2002

    Thanks for the comment mate!
  3. Hi I’m now thinking thinking of selling my Lupo GTI .. never thought I’d write that. Totally standard 121k miles 1 previous owner from new17 years VW main dealer service full history Subframe, removed blasted, coated.Exhaust replaced 4 years ago with genuine VW one Rear suspension replaced with genuine standard Original matsNew OE bushesNew wishbones Tracking just doneService and cambelt/water pump this year.New spark plugsCloth interior2 keys including original tag from factoryInterior pics coming £4500Lovely, lovely car. It’s not perfect but it’s honest and clean. I’m just thinking I don’t want to put more miles on it. Would prefer it to go to an enthusiast.
  4. Yours is simply beautiful, life finds a way!
  5. They’re the rears right? Maybe my rears will try harder 😂
  6. I’ve still got to look at the rears .. that’s the next job 😬 the arches themselves look pretty solid actually
  7. Was reassured by the amount of rust proofing on the arches, it all just needed a clean and a Waxoyling in the cavities .. saw a Ford Fiesta that had rotted right through into the engine bay!
  8. Hi so I took out my arch liners to give them a clean.. surprised to see so much crud in the cavities !
  9. Thanks for the info ....all locks work fine and I’ve replaced the passenger one and the boot .. I guess I should try to replace the drivers side even though that appears to work properly. the alarm does arm, but as I say there’s no single hazard flash , but if I press the lock button a couple of times it does a very quick single hazard flash. so confusing, even some garages can’t work it out. I guess I’ll keep trying but it’s really starting to piss me off now 🤣
  10. It’s blasted with Garnet which is actually my surname. i would been there for hours rubbing away or with a drill. They guy who did it was going to leave the good parts but he said the paint was so thin it came straight off so he just did the whole lot. It now has a primer coat and two coats of POR which I tested is rock hard.
  11. Hi all so I have Lupo gti Alarm problems... Both doors lock interior light comes on, lights on buzzer works. Boot lock works and the boot open light is not on, on the dash. But when I lock the car remotely it doesn’t flash the hazards once. It used to. If I press the key again they do flash once. it flashes twice when unlocked Any ideas what I missed?? Thanks all x
  12. Primed and POR 15’d
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