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  1. I'm not sure if I'm understand you good. This is application for whole Lupos and Arosa (GTI and not GTI) Answered.
  2. For sale KW Inox-Line Variant 2 (Koni shock absorbers with stiffness adjustment) for VW Lupo. The nuts are spinning in the fingers, no pitting on the piston rods. It has been prepared for the season; mounted brand new: - front top struts, - ball bearings for strut top mounting, - front threaded sleeves for strut, - front bumps stop, - front protective caps for shock absorber (they are too wide and cannot fit in the springs, that's why I add old but original KW, and treat new ones for free), - rear bump stops - shorter than standard ones (from Lupo GTI), - rear protective caps for shock absorber. In addition, I add the sport bumps stop of the front and rear shock absorbers visible in the pictures (they allow individual adjustment of the oboe height). Price: 280 GBP + shipping
  3. All you have to do to see pictures in full size is to click on thumbnails. But ok, I've replaced them with full size pics,
  4. Poor rusty oem wheels. Exactly! Only "show & shine". It's aluminium rollbar so it isn't suitable for sport and SDI as well.
  5. Some shots from the first Lupo meeting this year. Lupo on 8J BBS on rear.
  6. Hi. Some time ago I've sold tyres and rear wheels' dishes and have bought two new ones. I hope that it will be looking good. I have also bought a set of new Cambridge rear lamps because the right one was a little bit darker than the lef one. Now I'm looking for Federal Formoza tyres.
  7. wide

    Lupo Sport

    I thought about those tyres, but I'm not sure.
  8. wide

    Lupo Sport

    Could you answer me what size of tyres did you have on rear BBS RS (8J)?
  9. Bridgestone Potenza RE040 165/50/R15 73 V. BBS RS. Some photos Wheel spacer Photos taken in the spring of 2011. Some photo from Summer Cars Party 2011
  10. MODEL: Volkswagen Lupo. ENGINE: 1.7 SDI (AKU) 60PS, 115Nm. CHASSIS: Suspension: KW Suspension Variant 2 Coilover Kit Wheels: BBS RS 001 + Bridgestone Potenza RE040 165/50/R15 73 V. BODY: Removed side moulding. Removed rear wiper. Removed keylocks. Cambridge rear lights. INTERIOR: Polished rollbar Wiechers-Sport. AUDIO: Alpine CDE-9871RR. Hello, my name is Lukas and I'm from Poland. By the time I had been looking for a car throught adverts, I bought a KW Suspension Variant 2 coilover kit on German ebay. One day I caught the BBS RS 001 with big (195/50) Dunlop tyres. Some time latter I tried to polish the dishes. On April 10th 2010 I put in my KW Suspension. We tried the lowest level. For some time I had put those wheels on: After another search I found on ebay a brand new rollbar Wiechers-Sport in UK. I was waiting very long time for the delivery, but finally I got it! Some time later my friends and I mounted the rollbar in Lupo. I couldn't polish the dishes and center caps myself, so I had sent them to guy, who is the best in Poland in polishing aluminium wheels and he did it for me. Wheels after painting. All parts Chrome bolts
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