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    Ok, i hate telling everyone my tricks, but I've figured out how to drive it home. It has an MOT after all. All i need is a 2mm steel strap about 40mm wide and about 250mm long. My rechargable drill, 8.5mm drill bit, a couple of washers and an m8 nyloc nut and bolt, about 100mm long. Tada! just a question of price now. Costs after buying would be- Interior probably about £300 ish. Original wheels about £150 for a set. Dunno what else is missing. Guess maybe another £100 of bits. Then fill, rub down and respray. Why oh why, black? It's the most difficult colour to get mint. Pull all the suspension, weld, grind, blast and powdercoat, then waxoyl £120. Perhaps 100h of work. A lupo gti as new again worth maybe £4.5k? Other bits, just for restoration- exhaust, steering wheel, rubber bushes, ball joints, boots, bearings, belts, water pump, door hinges, leccy windows? ICE, floor mats, RKE.... so maybe cost about £850 plus the car buy price? Thoughts people? Might be easier to just buy a poor example that's about complete for £2k ish and do that up. It's always the interior that's hard. Especially the driver's seat. But other cars I've restored, I went on the german ebay breaker site and bought the german passenger seat material for 100 euros delivered- which in a small commuter car is hardly used- and is like new once valeted. There are loads of Lupos being broken in Germany. Loads and loads.... see here https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0
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