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    Hi Nacho - The manifold was on the Lupo when I got it - yes those dbilas manifolds are very expensive. the previous owner said that it wasnt built that well & he had to do a lot of work tidying it internally + port match. He even had the dbilas remote air filter - this kept blocking so he swapped it for the cone. For the price you are a few hundred away from bike throttle bodies, a manifold & stand alone management. I have not looked, but I assume it is just the standard throttle body, but with all those bends removed. its still on remapped OEM ECU Gearbox is back, unfortunately the speed sensor was destroyed on the trip down, so need to get another - cant seem to find a part number online -I am hoping these may be easy to find in a scrap yard? This where some of the weight was lost in the fly wheel: Hard to see, but the pressure plate ihas also been ablenced to the fylwheel: Quaife stuff & my old diff back:
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    Picked up last week only 64k miles.
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    Greetings from Portugal!
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    One of mine from Edition38 2012
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    Here's mine,I''l get some better ones taken and uploaded
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