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    coilovers have been fitted tonight, lowered by around 30mm for now. looks so much better! will give it a well needed clean this weekend and get some new pictures up... but for now just this one i took outside work last week.
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    i see what you mean now! cars looking good dude, love the colour
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    cheers dude, its a nice little spot local to me! yeah you should would be great to see
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    Talking like a spanner monkey already...
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    Em, before Christmas ideally! Cluster should be wired up this weekend so I just need to pull my finger out and get this ECU sent away!
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    Hi all, can anyone give us some advice on what Subs and Amps sound the dogs ****? Wanna make me Lupo proper funky so we can rave our tits off. Cheers, Luke
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    Yeah! It's the first thing I've ever done, like I actually felt like i had conquered the world. Sounds stupid but even taking my windscreen wipers off, something which everyone else probably finds so easy, I felt like I'd just achieved something amazing. I actually was so proud of myself. I can even open the bonnet by myself now! :-) just makes me wanna do more stuff. ?
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    early bird catches the worm. I am always on here all year round so it makes sense to be on early.
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    it has a different stupid name each year. go look on the vwfest website at historic club names.
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    The bonnet pull cord grommet.
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    Also have the engine running briefly! So just the instrument cluster to wire up and ECU to send away to get immo removed then were on the home straight wiring wise!!
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    I think your gearbox just went... Sorry. Thump from gearbox is not good. But on a lighter note, it is the same as the polo, and there are lots of scrapped automatic polos with reasonable gearboxes. They are a known weak point as people forget that they need a service every couple of years. Flush with new fluid and a filter change. Clean magnet.
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