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    Whilst I'm scouring the internet looking for sticker bomb kits can anyone offer some help to the best place to buy some? I have a very scabby arosa that i thought I would sticker/rat look
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    that set of menzerna can't have been cheap great work pal, looks sweet
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    With some trepidation, I decided to officially mark my debut with my machine polisher (even though I bought it months ago! ) Firstly, I cannot recommend the Menzerna stuff enough! Thanks to Alex (fatttty) for that, as his thread inspired me to get some of this stuff I had some very fine scratches (too fine to photograph) on the sides under the rear windows where they had slid down when held by only one screw when I was changing over to the pop-outs. A few minutes with the polisher and Menzerna FG500, followed by the FF3000 and they were history! Clean as folk Just seen now I missed a bit in one of the top corners!!!
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    I've replied, as said I make all of mine myself and have done for loads I people on the forum I love stickers
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    doubt it very much, seen as though no one has ever seen another and if you type Arosa fr into google no pictures of one comes up, and Wikipedia doesnt even mention it. Not that it matters, but if your so bothered then contact SEAT anyway, its a nice car
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    Should i breathe or not?
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