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HOW TO: remove & split front VW badge

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I have to find this occasionally for folk & the search is a bit of a mare so I thought I'd do a separate how to & hopefully Ray will chuck it in the info section for me like a diamond <3

taken from here http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/88315-swapping-the-front-badge

"handy that my badge is red as it makes it easy to see the clip you need to pop...


Stick your screwdriver in, you can get a good angle if you feed it through the bonnet catch...


...and push down & out until the clip pops...


...then yank the barsteward out!


Bish bash bosh."

Also from my build thread, if you're wanting to split the badge to paint it different colours...

"Got some frog tape from B&Q (jeebus that's stuff's expensive) to mask off my front badge, then worked out I could separate it instead by prising it apart at one of the clips then carefully working the screwdriver round the edge



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Good write up koop, one thing I'd add is that the clips tend to snap when splitting so letting the badge sit in very warm water for 5 minute before helps persuade them to pop without snapping

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