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Online Car Insurance Quote with Prestige Renewed! Modified & Standard Cars!

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Online Car Insurance Quote with Prestige Renewed! Modified & Standard Cars! 

We trialled this a few months ago. At the time, feedback from Tom ‘Gudzy’ of 350Z-uk was - ‘around 10% cheaper than my current policy....(and you were slightly more expensive than them when I took out my policy a few months ago).’
That’s great to hear AND we’ve also reduced the prices even more since the trialling (my quote went down by £200!) so we have now launched our online quote designed uniquely for the registered users of car clubs.
POSTSCRIPT! After officially launching this week, the first person to do an online quote and report back said ‘that actually worked out quite cheaply for me........will be bearing that in mind come renewal in a month’!
So please bookmark the following url and click on this unique link for the registered users of this car forum to get a quote at renewal -
(If you have more than 5 modifications or over 10% bhp increase, please ring us on 0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580)
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