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Mega Clean session

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hey guys,

I want to MEGA MEGA sort out my car, its been mistreated for a long time and once i get money i want to get propper things to clean it!

I've got a jetwasher + a machine polisher + Ultimate compound (meg)

I want to claybar, and other stuff, can anyone show some shots of a black lupo thats been mega cleaned so i can get some advice, i'll also share my feedback as im learning professional detailing soon as a local man is taking me on as a trainee!

Here's some of the progress i made with a quick clean + a little polishing by hand

Need a better camera ;)







Tips/advice and all knowledge shared would be great!



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This is just after a clean with turtlewax wash + wax and some demonshine..

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Here is one of Yonson123's after a clay and AG HDW and my black golf after a wash with zymol, clay with bilthammer soft auto clay and dodo juice born slippy, quick compound with g3 and pads and 2 coats of zymol set in with misting and wipe. Trim with AG stuff

Not that impressive but not bad :)





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cool, thanks so much haha, gonna spend so much when i can afford super cleans :D

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