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Excuse the number of pic’s but i figured that it would make things a lot easier than having to describe everything :)

Righty here goes. This is how I did it in my old 1.0 Lupo SE but it should be the exact same for all other loops and most arosas (may work for them all…not entirely sure though).

Also i had the seats in for the mot and the tester said they were perfect so no worries about them not being stable enough.


This shows how to do the front passenger seat but for for the drivers side just do the opposite ;)

First of all take out the front seats by undoing two 13mm nuts on the front and a couple of philips screws under the rail covers.

Once they’re out you need to start going about making brackets for the audi seats to sit on. The easiest way we found was to just use the existing rails on the audi seats and try to bolt them to the car using brackets that need to be made up. The brackets are really the only main thing that needs to be done to make the seats fit. In all 3 brackets will need to be made up:

Bracket one (at the front of the seat)


Excuse the ridiculous attempt at using the edit on photobucket haha

…and the other angle:


The bracket just attaches to the metal that sticks up from the floor of the car using a few bolts and just repeat for the other seat.

Second Bracket (the bracket furthest from the passenger door)


This one just gets positioned along the original lupo runner on the car and gets bolted straight into it. Repeat for the other seat.

Third Bracket (closest to the door)


This one again just get positioned along the original lupo rails and get bolted into it (should be level with the second bracket) and repeat for the other seat.

Once all the brackets are made up you need to drill the holes to position the audi seat correctly on top. You also need to position the second and third bracket in the right place. To do this put the seat in the car on top of the first bracket and pop the second and third brackets under the audi rails. Move the brackets up and down the rails until they are in the correct position and then bolt them in. Once this is dont just screw the seat into position and it should be done :) Also to make the brackets look less crappy either spray them or stick some carpet on them.

Now on to the rear seats…


First thing to do is take out the originals by pulling them up and out. The metal rods just squeeze together and they’ll come part. The seat back come out by a spring clip in the middle that needs to be pulled out and at the sides there are latches that need to be turned.


There are a couple brackets that need to be made for the rears.

To make the first one go to the back of the seats and undo the plastic trim bits that pull the fabric into the seats (on the side of the seat closest to the door). It’ll hopefully make more sense when you look at the seats lol. Once the trim thingys are pulled out there should be a metal bit to attach the bracket to. The bracket should look like this:


The bracket should be in a sort of “P” shape and should just be bolted to the frame of the seat. You’ll also need to makea part that’ll hold the bracket on the rest of the car. The middle part of the seat should just fit straight in using the original spring clips you took off (IIRC).

The seats also need to have brackets at the top so they dont fold forward all the time:



This is the hardest part of the whole install because the brackets are fairly complex and to be honest if it wasn’t for the help of my Dad the welder then there was no chance of me being able to get the seats in.

The aim of the rear bracket is allow this pin:


to lock into the hook mechanism to hold the backs of the seat in place. In total three sheets of metal need to be used and then welded together.

Hook Mechanism:


Bracket holding hook


Here’s how the brackets should look (this is for the left seat):

Front shot (as you look at the seat):


Side shot (where pin will be placed in the top hole)


And a few other angles…





This is the center part that allows the bracket to be fastened to the seat itself. Two holes need to be drilled and the bracket can be screwed into existing holes on the tt seats:


Unfortunately i don’t have the exact dimensions of the brackets cos i sold the interior a few days ago and didn’t get a chance to measure them up. I figured that these images may help give a good idea as to what needs to be done and you can hopefully figure the measurements out yourself my looking at your rear seats.

Last thing to do is to wrap it up in some vynl (or any materiel you prefer).

For the bottom part of the rear seats (the part you actually sit on) can just slot into place if you want but me and my dad decided it would be best to try and get it to fit in properly. To do this we use the frame part from the original seats and attached it to the new seats. This allows them to be lifted up and out just like the originals:


The only downside is that you have cut up your old seats to get the frame off. once the frame is off the original seats you can attach it using the metal wire that runs round the audi seats with cable ties:



We also had to trim some of the foam to get the seats to sit right in the car cos they sat way too high up:


Once the frame is attached to the seat you should be able to just slot it back it the same way you took it out.

The last thing you need to do is try find new rear seat belt clip things as the lupo ones are long enough to go through the hole in the audi seats.


I managed to get a set from a scrappy for a fiver from a passat but just have a look around a scrap yard for buckles that look extra long cos they seem to be universal from all cars.


And the final product:


Any questions feel free to ask :D

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Cheers :) yeah i just left them in cos it's really up to the person puttibg the seats in as to whether they want the tt belts or the lupo belts :)

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just wondering if there is any chance of getting some dimensions of the 'p' shape brackets holding the side of the rears in?

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Sorry mate i don't have the seats anymore to check. From memory though they were about 4 inches long.

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ah ok mate not to worry, sure i will get them in some how. like you said though i think the biggest challenge is going to be the top locking pin set up :(

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OMG. What do you think would happen in a crash if this little bracket was the only thing stopping your seat from being forced into the roof crushing your skull??


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There is zero chance of that bracket failing. We wouldn't have done it if it wasn't 100% safe.

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