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04 Seat Arosa S

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Hi All,

I put this in the wrong section before, sorry about that!

I am new to all this, so am a bit of a novice. I have just recently brought a Arosa S 1.0 and yesterday I noticed that something was broke in the engine compartment. I actually dont know what it is for? But i have managed to get a part number from one of the parts that make the whole package 1J0 906 517 B. I rang Seat Dealer and they say that is a valve but will not say what for?

There are two pipes which seem to connect to this part one comes from the engine and one from the back probably the petrol tank or so. Could this possibly something called a charcoal canister? I have had a look around google but i cant seem to find anything? Any help would be grateful!

I will upload pictures to show you lot what these pipes look like?


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Hello there,

I am new to this site so bear with me whilst i find my feet whilst i post!!

The item that you have descibed is known as the charcoal canister. This is like a storage tank for petrol vapours that come up from the petrol tank through a tube and into the canister. From the canister, it goes into the engine for burning. This charcoal canister is behind and under the driver side headlight so you will see it with a torch but its dark down there and quite hard to see. The wheel arch cover is next to it so there is not much light down there! However, if you look there will be a hole open in the top of the canister and this is where the purge valve connects to it.

The part that you have clearly identified is the called the "purge valve". to try and keep things simple it is a solenoid or "elecronic operated switch" that opens and shuts controlled by the cars electronic control unit (ECU) to allow these petrol vapours to travel through the canister and into the engine. This is identified in your photo with the two wires connected to it.

The problem you have is that the plastic housing is all broken around the purge valve. You will need to source a new one of these.

If you look carefully at the photo no.4 there is a round plastic part to it with a white plastic mesh "almost like a tea strainer". This pushes down into the round hole of the canister when repaired with a rubber sealing ring. Take care to reconnect the pipes in order.

A word of WARNING!!............... petrol fumes present with this so obviously do not smoke or bring sources of ignition near!!!!!!

If you are into cars and are able to connect a diagnostic code reader to the vehicle then it will produce a code of p0441 EVAPORATIVE EMMISION CONTROL SYSTEM INCORRECT PURGE FLOW.This means the flow of fumes through the canister is wrong as they are escaping out of the canister and not into the engine. When working correctly, the purge valve will "purge" or open to allow these fumes through to the engine for burning.

This fault is also identified by the yollow engine shaped light illuminated on your dash.

Its not a big job to do to repair this in fact just half hour at the most.

I hope this has answered your question without going too far too technical!!!!!!

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Hi there buddy,

Thanks for your reply, it seems like the whole cannister is missing so i have been to a local VW scrappy and picked one up. I am going to try and fit it in tomorrow or the day after. I dont have a clue about cars but i will give it a try and fix it in myself! Do you know if its a hard job to do? and it would normally fit right underneath the lights or adjacent to it? thanks for you help!

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Hi there pal,

Right, this could be a little tricky if you don't know much about cars so lets get you as far forward as possible by confiming a few things...............

You say you have obtained a replacement canister from a scrappy. Does it have the purge valve all connected on the top? If you look at it you will see what it should look like and see where its broken off on the one on your car.If so you will need to reconnect the pipes to and from the canister when fitted.You will also notice an electrical two way socket coming off the top at 90 degrees.The two way plug on the vehicle wiring needs to plug into this socket to complete the electrical connection. You will notice this on the photos you have provided. The plug (which is the one with two wires attached)needs to be removed from the broken off part and plugged into the socket of the replacement cannister.

Going back, did you notice the car had the yellow engine warning light on when you purchased the car? Some people have a very NASTY habit of stripping the clocks down and putting black stickers over the warning lights so you don't see them leaving you unaware of a problem underneath. Only when you connect a diagnostic reader do you reveal the trick.

Its a nasty surprise for the unsuspecting car buyer and unfortunately happens a lot nowadays. All the lights should light up on your clocks then go out when you start the car to show that the system is clear of faults. Its a bit like the car performs a self test on all systems when the ignition is on and when you start the car all systems that are healthy are indicated by the lights going out. If there is a fault then a light would stay on to warn you that there is a problem.


Let me reassure you that this is not a major problem, this light will clear when your canister is installed.

So, in short mate, confirm that the yellow light is on on the clocks and that the replacement canister has the purge valve attached. We take it from there later so i get an understanding in more detail of the problem.

I know you don't know much about cars and that this may be a little too technical but i give the technical detail like this so others on the forum can use this info to help them too!!!!

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