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Juddering duering acceleration. . . . Help.

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Right, ive just bought a Lupo Sport. My first lupo so i dont know much about them.

I noticed it yesterday on the way back from picking it up and even more today as im aware of it.

During acceleration more then aften it will judder or slightly shake as you can feel it through the sleeting wheel.

But there dosent not seem a lack on power, it still pulls strong.

Not had chance to have a look at the car yet.

But im eatiher putting it down to either a Dirty Throttle body or a misfire.

I will be servicing the car this week so with a little more investigation i may hit this problem on the head.

I was just wandering if anyone could shed some like prior to this.

Many thanks


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Is it misfiring a bit, or just juddering through the chassis? Plugs and cleaning throttle body would be a good start, lambda sensors on vag cars are an easy fix, and on my gti the HT leads were at fault. If you've got vagcom or a mate has, its a lifesaver!

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Mine did this but there was a huge loss of power and warning light, changed the HT leads and plugs like said above and is spot on now!

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