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Lupo Service and Repair manuals

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Dear all at Club Lupo,

I have a 1.4L 16v Lupo and have recently been trying to get my hands on a Haynes type manual for servicing etc.

I know Haynes have not done one for the Lupo, due to number of Lupo's sold!! :angry:

Does anyone know of a decent manual I could get my hands on?

I have heard somewhere of a CD you can buy from an online auction but not sure if this is for your full time mechanic!

Any help would be great....

Thanks :)

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If you have the 1.4 16v engine (i.e. probably the 'AHW' engine), you can buy the VW Polo manual which at least covers the engine parts as well as other bits that the Lupo shares with the Polo:


Other than that - you'll need a CD-ROM - which are great if you can actually manage to load them up!

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