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Information: Fitting a Pollen Filter on a Non-Aircon Vehicle

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Pollen filters were only fitted as standard to Lupo GTI's and to other models which had Aircon fitted from the Factory. If like on my old lupo, your car does not have aircon, but you suffer from Alergies, This may well be a worthwhile little modification for those long summer drives!

Using the following Information guide, You will be able to acquire and fit a Pollen filter and Pollen filter housing to your Lupo!

Etka Screenshot:


Part number 5 is a gasket that goes between the filter housing and the blower assembly...

5's part number is 6N0 819 165A

Part number 53 is the nut you will have removed to get the old "mesh" cover assembly off, you should still have this left over, but you will re-use it to attatch the filter housing. If you've lost it...

53's part number is N 90352101

Part number 20 is the cover, as you can see in the pic below...

20's part number is 6N2 815 645

Part number 15b is the frame that holds the pollen filter in position...

15b's part number is 1H0 819 648 A

Part number 15a is the Pollen filter itself...

15a's part number is 1H0 819 644

Part nuber 16 is the actual filter housing...

16's part number is 6N2 819 640 B

5 Gasket - This comes already bonded to the underside of part number 16 (housing).

An image of what the bits all look like before being fitted to the car


And an image once fitted to the car.


Note: If you wish to fit a Charcoal activated filter, according to the ETKA system, you will need a different frame...

Part number for the charcoal activated filter instead of using 15a is 1J0 819 644

and the part number for the slightly different frame is 1J0 819 648

The Charcoal activated filter helps to stop strong smells getting into the cabin and also helps to neutralize any allergens in the air entering the cabin!

However with some of the aftermarket filters, it is possible to use a charcoal activated version of the standard filter, thus meaning you can use the normal frame...

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