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is this a real lupo gti

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Yep one in the same person.

Yes Ladies & Gents the car is not perfect. But then as i said before the price reflects that. I will try and answer some of the points raised in this thread & your more than welcome to ask any further questions and i will answer them for you.

Rear badge(s), Head lamp washer covers & a few other odds & sods are being ordered on monday, and then fitted once they arrive.

Interior Window rubbers will then be fitted.

A few other bits then be done before it is re-cleaned & re-pictured.

I pretty much just got it and then got it up for sale. So its not had my full attention yet because i knew it needed more than just a valet.

When i got the car i took it straight to the MOT station where it passed once a new tyre, a couple of bulbs & the drivers seat frame fixed. The MOT inspector dropped the car back to me and was "raving" on about how good it was to drive. His jaw hit the floor when i told him it was a CAT C. He did not realise until i told him. Yes it was un-valeted & a few marks but he really did not know. So read into that what you will.

Since then it was flatted & mopped then valetted, Used car checked. Nothing horrible raised it head.

I have not noticed any excessive drivers seat wear, but will check tomorrow.

I cannot see from the pictures the scuffing on the lower drivers door card, again will check tomorrow.

At the end of the day "it is, what it is"

If you want a mint box, perfect GTi there are plenty to chose from (about 12 on autotrader, if you call 12 plenty) and this is not the one for you. If you have not got the necessary funds to buy the equivalent "straight " (£6k) GTi then this could be the one for you. Or of course if you want a project, engine conversion, track car etc then this would be perfect (i almost fancy doing this to it myself :rolleyes: )

I wish you all the best, feel free to flame, praise, curse me or what ever takes your fancy.


where was the damage was it the o/s/r???

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dvs-lupo: Yes it has had a repair at some stage on the OSR. As you see the car is how i got it. If that was the damage that caused the Cat C i don't know.

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dvs-lupo: Yes it has had a repair at some stage on the OSR. As you see the car is how i got it. If that was the damage that caused the Cat C i don't know.

that cool i remember seeing the car in a garage in romford a few months back when it was damaged

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ooooppppsss i think i could of started world war three here :lol:

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I would like to apologise in advance to everyone that reads this. Sorry. I don’t like airing my dirty washing in public. But the time has come.

Blackcat / Julian / Jules Turbo(why do people do that on facebook, not put their real name. Are they not trying to be found? Kind of defeats the point... Any way I digress).

Of course I’m the same Neil that sold you your car; we went to the same school.

When are you going to drop this poison pill routine? Every time I get a Lupo you try and do a “spoiler” in the hope it puts people off etc. Maybe you put people off, maybe you don’t. Either way they have all been sold in the past.

The last time(s) you tried this I did not have to comment, I believe bossjohnc and a few others tried to educate you with regards to your key situation. As you tried to claim I have sold you a once stolen car, because it only had 1 key. You could not seem to grasp the concept that a second key might have been lost in the 5 odd years that the car had been on the road(It was HPi Clear at the time). Also a spare key was never discussed in the deal that was done. So it’s not like I promised you one and did not deliver. It did not have one.

With regards to your clutch/gearbox situation. You notified me of a problem you were having after your warranty period had passed. So there is nothing I could do for you there. Once your warranty is up, it’s up.

Either way I was not going to be paying/contributing to your repairs for a couple of reasons.

1/ You were witnessed driving your car within an inch of its life, by me & a VW master tech. On several occasions.

2/ I followed your ownership journey on these boards, along with your “race” with a Mini Cooper S which lead to your gearboxes demise. (If anyone’s interested they can search for his

posts on this forum and read it for themselves, if he has deleted/edited them I have digital and hard copies for you to review if you wish).

3/ Your probably not aware, but one day you were talking to a very good friend of mine who had witnessed your driving skills I previously mentioned. While you were talking, he phoned me and I was listening in on the conversation. What I heard there sealed it for me & I should imagine any court in the land had you wished to take it that far. Which you did not, but were perfectly intitled to do.

Julian I had hoped you would let sleeping dogs lay, due to the fact it is fast approaching 2 years ago, and that you had now written off that car in a very dramatic way.

Please make no mistake Jullian I wish you no bad Karma or feelings. But i want nothing to do with you! Its not even a case of "if you see me walking along the street and your on the same side as me you had better cross over."

It s me that would cross over.

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Take it to Jeremy Kyle he will square things flat!

As for the car if someone picked that up for £2500 they could easily have it at the same standard as a 6K car for less money just by doing bits themselves and not being a cowboy. Cat C isn't too bad and if its for a engine converted track car why worry save yourself 3K for the conversion.

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