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Oh hai

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as you'd guess by me posting here i'm new.

Hello, I'm Ben

[if you're wondering about my name on here its from when i worked restoring historic porsche rally cars, i was a fabricator/welder and got to bash things and make loads of noise :blush: ]

i've been driving for seven years and for that entire time have owned this...


very recently i was offered a Lupo. The guy my uncle works for also sells cars and thats how i heard about it, i wasn't really looking for anything at the time but have lost motivation with my polo

all i knew was it was green and smokes a bit so couldn't get through its MOT

went and had a look the day after

My dad started off his working life with VW and then switched to Audi later on

He said it was worth a punt cos even if we couldn't fix it [which he thought we could] we could stick it on ebay as 'spares or repairs'

The best part of the deal, and reason for us buying it, was the price. £250

brought it home on the 26th of october [i've been lurking since that point cos i know very little about these little cars]

I've spent most of the time since then cleaning and fixing bits of it.

It's had two previous owners [grandmother and grandaughter] and i think this is the first time it's EVER been washed

I've been swearing ALOT while doing this.... "eeeeeewwww scruffy *&%^*&!?" :angry2:

i wanted to really blitz it so took most things apart to give it a MUCH needed clean

here's a few pics...

was told the pass. side window didnt work. found this....


one of the clips that hold the bottom of the glass had fallen off inside the door, took bout 5 mins to fix... must've take sooooo much longer to bodge those bits of wood together to hold the glass up :lol:


[if you look close you can see that it rained JUST after i washed it :( ]





you know how you sometimes find money in a car? i found half a brownie ..... scruffy *&£$%^£$ :angry2:





some before and afters for comparison....








i got all the interior back in yesterday but loss of light meant no pics

but considering how it looked im pretty happy.

on sunday me and my dad spent most of the day on the engine

We've replaced the valve stem seals, done the cam belt and replaced a joint in the exhaust as it was blowing

gonna have to take the head off tho =[

[you'll have to excuse me for I am not technically minded]


when doing the valve stem seals my dad borrowed a adaptor from work so we could blow air into the cylinder to stop the valves falling down while taking the springs and seals off. when doing this, on the second and third cylinder you could hear some air escaping through the throttle body

so next task is to check the valve seats

anyone else had a smokey car and got advice? cheers

I'm thinking about the future tho

and all the shiney bits i can buy for it when its on the road :shades:

if anyone knows any cool sites for parts i'd love to hear about them

got a small wish list atm which just consists of....

cambridge rear lights


and RSL Cults


ok last thing the bodyworks pretty nailed tbf

if they could hit it, they have :( [another thing to curse the previous owners for]

but my old friend said that he could prolly do me a good price on the bodywork

i stole him a computer chair and did his maths key skills exams while at college so think he owes me :lol:

and he knows his way round a lupo tho, this was his old one...


but that wont be for a little while

thanks :)

[and sorry if this is too much info for an introduction]

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That intro was a nice read and it's great to see you're restoring this to it's former glory :)

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Done a good job there!

£250 has to be the cheapest Lupo ever by far!

Do I recognise you from the Pleasant Motor Vehicle Thread on E38?

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thanks for the nice welcome :)

Do I recognise you from the Pleasant Motor Vehicle Thread on E38?

and i see my fame proceeds me :lol:

I' am that ben but i got warren to change the name tho, didnt think it'd be 'Bens nce car thread' THAT long

been thinkin about puttin my Ps on for a bit but they haven't been looked after, a mate told me to paint them black and d the P's green but i think i'll polish them up and sell them once i get some space back in the garage

the amount of dents/scratches is fairly disheartening

also not sure if i'd have picked that colour [but its growing on me]

the price was the selling point

before i went to see it i checked around and couldnt even find a damaged one under a grand

there was always the thought that if things dont work out, seling it on shouldn't be too bad [financially]

but i hope it doesnt come to that, i've gotten fairly attached to it already :wub:

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It's nice to hear you're keen on it already :)

Great little cars with loads of character

Polo looks nice too by the way! B)

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really enjoyed the read, saving battered Lupo's is a good past time :D

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Good work, you must be a very patient person.

Lovin' that Polo too.

And as for the red Lupo, it is abslutely MINT, I saw it parked in Milton Keynes a few months ago and I was drooling!

Who's your mate, is he a member of this forum? Welcome to ClubLupo by the way.


Edited by NOCK

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the red lupo was Iain bazeleys.

He sold it a little while ago

was such a nice lupo :wub: He did all the work himself too

was wondering if it was still about

took a few pics ages back...




gonna have to save my pennies, bodywork on mines lookin used and abused

God i shouldn't think like this. Still need to get it on the road first :lol:

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Welcome, that was in a pretty shocking state, I bet it was satisfying to see it finished!

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couple moar pics



[had to spray the backs of the seats, they were pretty well scratched]



so i've pretty much finished cleaning it, washed it today even though it was raining :lol:

had some crap in the front so not got any decent pics of that yet

only got friday left to play [im a work thursday then its going in our garage and havin the head off]

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welcome and hats off mate, all the best with this one, looks like you've made a decent start!

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