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Fault code P0170

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On my vag com i have this fault code:

16554 P0170 035

Fuel Trin, Bank 1


Possible causes:

Air leaks - Map, TB gaskets??

Lambada - Clean or Replace

any other possibilities???

I took off my throttle body and cleaned it today, checked all gaskets and seals on the way, and there all air tight, added a bit of PTFE sealant just to make sure.

Whilst doing this, i realised how dirty the TB butterfly was, it had horrible black gunk all over it, so now its nice and shiney, i must say it idles a lot better now, so solved one problem.

So did the TB and gaskets, put it all back together, cleared the fault and took it out....... NO LIGHT, i though yes ived fixed it!

Just went out again to make sure.... and the twa**ing thing came back on!

So now im down to cleaning the lambada in parafin and inspecting the map sensor. But i think ill have a go at taking out the injectors aswell, inspect and clean them, but im pretty reluctant to buy a new lambada if its not going to solve the problem.

This is becoming very annoying now..... does anyone else have any ideas?

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16555/ - Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Lean

Possible Causes

Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) defective

[Possible Solutions

Check Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)

Check Fuel Pressure Regulation

Check Fuel Pump

Check Injectors

Check Intake System for Leaks

Check Exhaust System for Leaks

Check Secondary Air System for Leaks

Check Vacuum Pipes for Leaks

Thats the full vag com list of that fault code. The lambda shouldn't be that dirty so cleaning it may not and probably wouldnt help. I would start by checking the connections, using vag com go in to the 01-engine module and then adv measuring blocks, scroll down to find the lambda values and check to see if they change as you rev the engine, along side the actual value should be a list with the "within parameters" value. See if that is ok, if not then you need a new lambda. I wouldnt even think about taking the injectors out to be honest, its alot of work that I'm 99% sure isnt the issue anyway. Hope that helps or gives you a few ideas, if you need anymore help PM me and i'll try my best.


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that's the system to lean or rich fault though isn't it. spoke to martin - lupogtiboy about this yesterday. he has never seen this code before either.

its a strange one. I've checked half the things on your list and there all ok... but th one thing I haven't done is the lambada yet, so go in to advanced in the engne part of the vag com and check the lambada. it should changee throughout the rev range yes? do you know what values I should be getting?

ill have a look at it tomorrow, can you pm me your number so we can have a chat about it tomorrow?



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PM sent.

Just to add a few answers to the above, the lambda values will change with engine revs and vag com does hold parameters for these. I have the same coding randomly popping up on our GTI too.

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Ok.. back from amsterdam now... feeling rather rough but cracked on with it.

The Bank 1 Lambada in the car atm, is white. An indication that the cars running rather lean.

But from checking the lambada in Vag com, the lambada increaes in value through the rev range, so it is working.

Whalt else could this be that causing the car to run lean? anything with the injectors? not enough fuel going in causing it to run lean?

Going to check out the mass air flow sensor now - I will find this fault!

Really baffled with this one.

Help is needed!

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Forgot to say......

the fault was a cracker........ Blocked lambada probe!, parafin wash out and its been gne for months!

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