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What is this called!?

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Hello, my boyfriend bought me a Fox as my first car about 18 months ago and I’ve absolutely loved driving it. It even got written off and I bought it back to fix it and drive it again ?   


But I was driving up the motorway a few weeks back and something came off my car as I hit a pot hole. Turned out it was the flat black plastic plate thing behind my wing mirror on my drivers side. 


Does anyone one know what this is called please 7F99E627-9FFF-4EF1-A752-D0E7D71FBB3F.thumb.jpeg.9db32bfe8c741c1055f4bff189d316d5.jpegand where I can get another one? I feel I’ve searched the whole internet with no luck so far!? 

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No worries, hope you get it sorted soon.

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