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How to remove a Wiper stalk

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remove steering surround.

Three t20, thin screwdriver advised, one t30.

pop airbag plug off.

use flatblade at the bottom to pop the airbag spring through the hole, half way on a shelf, don't stab at rubber.

hold open half with whatever is handy.

spin wheel 180, do other side.

gently pry the yellow plug out the airbag, even pressure both sides.

undo 24 holding wheel on, leave nut there a few threads when you loosen the wheel, take it all off, don't let airbag ribbon untangle.

three screws and a few plugs for the stalks.

reverse to put it back together, remember wheel alignment when you stick it together.

twenty minute job.

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4 hours ago, Leww_52 said:

Thanks, both! 

battery need to be disconnected etc? 

Yes. Alternatively find the orange/white cable running up the column and apply volts. Airbag self removes, everyone is a winner!! 

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