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GTI Upgrades

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Duplicate from other thread  -

Well Box is off, to do this I had to remove the pressure plate bolts through the starter motor opening, Thanks to Rich for that tip.

I managed to round out several drive shaft bolts  - couldn't get them undone, so I had to drag the long right drive shaft out with the box.

Had to grind off the plate to get a puller on


And off


Cant work out what got into the spline of the plate I could pick some of it out but other stuff is so well wedged in I cast pick it out.  I cleaned the input shaft with a wire brush and ran a fine screwdriver along each groove. This is the best I can do with a magnifying picture of my new paper weight!


Only about £30 more for a full clutch kit over just a plate, so just going to replace everything as it has all been under strain for 2 months. First thing I will do is test the plate on the input shaft

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Currently waiting on replacement Sachs clutch kit to be sent from I assume France - it is £1 more expensive than the ECP LUK rubbish - all covered in my seemingly never ending clutch thread!

Those 2 gearbox bolts at the bottom of the sump have been a complete PITA for me. I don't know if its the KAM exhaust manifold taking up a lot more space than standard, but I have to drop the manifold to take them out. As I have been playing hokey-cokey with the gearbox & sump those 2 bolts have pee-peed me off for the last time.

The weird thing is the tread in the gearbox is full depth and open on the other side - its crying out for stud conversion, took a bit of measuring and at the cost less than £2:


Like the bolts, I can now undo the nuts with a spanner and if the manifold is too tight the stud can be wound in from gearbox side - using 5mm allen key head - to get the nut off  - no more dropping the manifold. 

Original bolts are 8.8 tensile, couldn't find 8.8 grub screws and nuts, these are 14.9 and going to stud conversion I have greater clamping force.

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I'm sure that will be a pain in the area to get on.

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