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Knocking in front end.

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Hi all,

I've lowered my 2006 fox on some stance + coilovers. I ordered some shorter (160mm) droplinks to go with these. After having them on for 2-3 months the threads on the lower end of the drop link (anti-roll bar end) have started hitting the frame rails as the threads must of been too long. What annoyed me was I was advised to get these shorter drop links and they are, if anything, too short.

I then bought some mk1 Ford Focus drop links as these are 238mm long which is somewhere in the middle of standard and shortened ones. (160mm-270mm)

Over the last few days I have a noticed a knocking and it sometimes does it when I'm driving slowly even on the smoothest  roads with the wheels pointing straight! Doesn't matter if it's bumpy or not. It's very irregular.

I've had a look underneath it and I cannot seem to spot anything that is tapping. 

I'm completely stuck! 

Any advice on anything I could check, Literally anything! 

Could it be loose bolts, antiroll bar bushes, springs not being sat right, THE DROPLINKS heaven forbid, top mounts, JUST ANYTHING. I'm so tired of constant noises (I know that comes with modifying your car :( )


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you are master of your destiny.

jack it up and get wiggling, often the weight of the car hides things.

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