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Battery alternator advice

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First off are these alternators a week point. So I bought my lupo gti on Tuesday it was all good bloke said he had just put new battery in which he had (very small one tho) so Tuesday all Was fine Wednesday battery started to sound lazy done about 50 miles in it Wednesday then on way home Wednesday the abs light came on every time I put brakes on then went off straight after. This morning took kids to school started but very lazy. Got to school came back to car and dead nothing at all only dash lights went home got our passat jumped it took it home when and got a new big battery out it on and started up nice and quick so thought that was the prob but I thought I'd check the alternator volts on tick over needs to be 13 to 14 volts while running I believe well it's only 12 still so I'm hoping alternator is the prob my only concern is why did it run Tuesday and wed doing 50 miles if alternator is dead. I've also moved the earth strap to a better place as it had corroded where it was I'd also been messing with the radio all morning on Wednesday with car off. Also put the little battery which was on the car on the multimeter after removing today and reads 12v but won't start the car if battery was dead it wouldn't still read out 12v would it. I've ordered a new alternator today so should be here to fit tomorrow. Don't think it's a drain I have as started both mornings just lazy sorry for the essay lolĀ 

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You've anwered your own question, IMO you want to be seeing 14V or more under load (Lights/blowers/stereo on).

The battery clearly had enough power to allow you to complete your 50 miles as it was new, and it may well read as 12V when tested in situ/cold but I'll bet that if you left your multimeter on and turned the car over you'd see your voltage drop to 9V or below when cranking...

Time to start thinking about fitting your new alternator ;)

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