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Powerflex Bushes - where to buy?

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Hi all, 

Im looking at getting the Powerflex Black line bushes as im doing a few track days later this year (and my bushes are all looking tired and have some play developing in most of them).

I'm aiming to enter the old girl into the MSVR track day trophy or MSVR all comers (depends on what the car sits better in terms of regs and what circuits each club go to etc). 

Just wanted to to hear about where you guys bought yours, the prices you paid for them & if you encountered any issues when replacing your old ones!

Thanks in advance,


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the black ones are really solid and if you use the car for anything besides the track you will ruin the general comfort of it and dislike the car.

eBay seems the cheapest though.

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Yeah I've read that from other forums. 

Luckily I've still got the Caddy as a daily so I don't mind the harshness for when I do take her out. 

Yeah I've found eBay to be cheapest so far, I was wondering whether or not Kam Racing did offers for us forum members... 

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