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Cheers from Italy

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Hi everibody.

First of all, I hope to make myself understood, since my English is full of rust.

Here's my Arosa, LHD. I bought it on july, and it's really useful to feel a bit younger (I'm 43).

After a full service (with timing belt and cam belt) I installed a coilover kit, lowering the car of approx. 35 mm. The wheels are 7x15 ET 35, the tyres are 195/45-15 (the best size I can choose in my country without being out of law). Made some fixes to leather trim.

The future plans are about a full exhaust system with a 200-cell cat, better brakes, something for the intake and camshafts, ECU remapping. Moreover, some additional gauges, sporty pedals and so on.

By now I can't help but say... CIAO!









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Hello and welcome! There is nothing wrong with your English at all, I know I couldn't speak Italian back to you!

Thats a tidy-looking Arosa, sounds like you have some good things going on!

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I'm out your way in November!

i saw loads of lupos last time, not many dirty arosa though.

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