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CAN-BUS bypass?

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I've never done the CAN-Bus thing before.

I've pulled the RCD 200 from my fox.

The Pioneer radio I have fitted in it's place has three wires in.... power + & - and the ignition line.

the fox loom has 2 +, 1 - and two CAN-bus cables.

I need EITHER a CAN-Bus adaptor which will give me power to the ignition line to turn the radio on, or run a separate line to the ignition.

the cable to the ignition looks like a lot of work, so is there such a thing as a CAN-bus adaptor that will give me a signal out when the ignition is on, and nothing when its not, so that my radio will turn off when the car is turned off?

Please help, cos this is driving me nuts!

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got two of them!


there is a pair of extra wires and at least one of them needs to go to an ignition on/off feed.

closest I can find without pulling the car apart is the ciggie lighter...

I'll try that tonight.....

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